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Abdelrahman Ali

Entrepreneur and Digital Marketer who is obsessed with startups and technology that help people to have better lives. I also help students to get scholarships and fund.

Country of Residence: Live In Egypt
Global Ugrad Application Review: 150 EGP
Amr Ramadan

I am a pharmacist who is crazy about social and volunteering activities. I traveled to seven countries
. USA, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Netherland and Jordan

Country of Residence: Live In Egypt
Mohamed Elsonbaty

مستشار ومدرب بمجال التواصل العلمي، وكاتب علمي مستقل.
حاصل على ماجستير التواصل العلمي والإشراك المجتمعي من جامعة إدنبرة بالمملكة المتحدة عام 2016 عبر منحة تشيفينينغ.

Country of Residence: Live In Egypt
Chevening Application Review : 200 EGP
Intro To Chevening Scholarship: 150 EGP
Abdo Samy

My passion are hard working and helping others. I got 6 Scholarships and traveled to 4 countries .. interested in Entrepreneurship and Working as Entrepreneurship Trainer at INJAZ

Country of Residence: Live In Egypt
SUSI for Student Leaders Application Review: 150 EGP