23 January 2019


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AACR-Novocure Tumor Treating Fields Research Grants

The research proposed for funding must be focused on the preclinical application of TTFields in cancer and may be basic or translational in nature.

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Novocure and the AACR are proud to announce the inaugural AACR-Novocure Tumor Treating Fields Research Grants. These grants represent a joint effort to promote and support innovative research focused on Tumor Treating Fields (TTFields), which are intermediate frequency, low intensity, alternating electric fields that disrupt cell division in cancer cells.

Opportunity Focus Areas:

  • Medicine

Required Languages


Eligible Countries


Program Period

2 years.

Eligibility Requirements (Criteria)

  • Applicants must have a doctoral degree (including PhD, MD, DO, DC, ND, DDS, DVM, ScD, DNS, PharmD, or equivalent doctoral degree) in a related field and not currently be a candidate for a further doctoral degree.
  • Applications will be accepted from independent investigators who are affiliated with an institution that already has the InovitroTM TTFields Lab Bench System (*please see the list of approved institutions on page 17 of the Program Guidelines document)
  • Employees or subcontractors of a U.S. government entity or for-profit private industry are not eligible. Employees or subcontractors of a U.S. government entity or for‐profit private industry may serve as Collaborators, but no grant funds may be directed towards these individuals.
  • Investigators may submit only one application for the AACR-Novocure Tumor Treating Fields Research Grants but may concurrently apply for other AACR grants. However, applicants are expected to accept the first grant they are awarded. Individuals may accept and hold only one AACR grant at a time.
  • Any individual who currently holds an active AACR grant may not apply. Past AACR grantees may apply if they complied with all progress and financial report requirements.
  • Postdoctoral or clinical research fellows or the equivalent who are working under the auspices of a scientific mentor are not eligible to apply. Qualified fellows are invited to apply for an AACR Fellowship.
  • Members of the Scientific Review Committee are not eligible to apply for an AACR-Novocure Tumor Treating Fields Research Grant.

Note: All applicants with questions about eligibility must contact AACR’s Scientific Review and Grants Administration at before submitting an application.

Research Criteria: 

  • Research projects should examine the preclinical use of TTFields as a therapeutic modality. Projects may be basic or translational in nature. TTFields can be used alone or in combination with other agents.
  •  Applications are invited from researchers affiliated with institutions* that already have the InovitroTM TTFields Lab Bench System from Novocure (*please see the list of approved institutions on page 17 of the Program Guidelines document).

Opportunity Cost


  • Each grant provides $250,000 for expenses related to the research project.

How to Apply

First Step: Create an account here.

Second Step: After logging in, complete your Professional Profile (green tab) before starting an application.

Third Step: Click on “Grant Opportunities”, then search for (AACR-Novocure Tumor Treating Fields Research Grants).

Fourth Step: Click “Apply Now” to start your application.

Fifth Step: The application contains the following:

  1. Title Page
  2. Download Templates & Instructions
  3. Enable other users to access this proposal. (Optional)
  4. Enter information for the applicant.
  5. Institution and Contacts: Enter information regarding the applicant’s institution, the mentor, the endorser (if applicable), and signing official.
  6. Collaborators (optional). Enter information for your collaborators (if applicable).
  7. Scientific Abstract: The abstract is limited to 3,000 characters (including spaces).
  8. Budget: Applicants must submit a budget in the amount of $250,000 total over a two-year grant term.
  9. Organizational Assurances: Select the appropriate assurances options for your proposed research and complete the Approved or Pending Date field as appropriate.
  10. Application Documents: Attach Files: curriculum vitae, signature page, budget justification, grant agreement signature page, letter(s) of Reference – BLIND, mentor biographical sketch(es), pending other support, project milestones, research project proposal, and secured other support.

Sixth StepClick the “Submit” link. An e-mail will be sent to you confirming your submission.

For more information check here.

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