26 November 2019


Egypt / China

(Fully Funded)



An initiative by the Science and Technology Development Fund (STDF) of the Arab Republic of Egypt and the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) of the Republic of China governing the funding of joint Innovative and Technological Research Projects.

More Details

The aim is to promote bilateral research cooperation between the two countries in areas of mutual interest, grants are to be provided to give researchers an opportunity to address new areas of scientific research. An important additional asset for research proposals is the participation of young researchers in the project.

Opportunity Focus Areas:

  • Water (specifically: desalination and wastewater management).
  • Renewable Energy.
  • Food and Agriculture.
  • Health (Stem Cells, Cancer, and prosthetics research).
  • Information and Communication Technology.

Required Languages


Eligible Countries

EGYPT and China.

Program Period

Maximum 24 months.

Eligibility Requirements (Criteria)

  • The Principal Investigator (PI) must be affiliated to a research entity (university, research institution/center…etc.), which has an Egyptian legal identity.
  • The Egyptian PI, should read carefully and adhere to STDF general conditions and guidelines, …etc.
  • The Egyptian team of researchers must include at least one Ph.D. holder.
  • The project partners on the Egyptian and Chinese sides must structure their cooperation in the following way:

-One of the Ph.D. holders on each side acts as the Principal Investigator (PI).

-The Egyptian and Chinese sides are required to sign a cooperation document, indicating the obligations and commitments of each side.

  • The institutions/organizations involved are required to confirm the submitted application by officially stamping and signing an endorsement letter by the legal representative of the PI’s institution, which states the project title, as well as the name, position, and affiliation of the PI in charge of the proposal. Also, the endorsement letter should state that the project idea was not funded or submitted to another agency (national or international), or otherwise declare and that the institution approves the project.
  • The Chinese and Egyptian sides will submit two versions of the joint preproposal in the Chinese and English languages, respectively, which must be identical in their content. Project preproposals that reveal differences in content between the two sides will not be considered. Both versions must be signed by both PIs and stamped by their respective institutions.
  • A signed and sealed acceptance letter from the Chinese partners indicating very clearly their willingness to participate in the project is a must
  • The total number of pages of the application should not exceed 37 pages including cover page, CVs of Egyptian and Chinese Principal Investigators.

Opportunity Cost

(Fully Funded)

  • STDF will grant funding, on a strictly competitive basis, for up to 10 joint research projects.
  • The maximum total budget of the Egyptian side must not exceed 2.5 million Egyptian Pounds.
  • Travel expenses for scientists/experts visiting project partners in China. Total travel expenses should not exceed 10% of the total budget of the Egyptian side, including:

-Air tickets: economy class

-Entry visa to China

-Health insurance

-Per diem for scientists/experts: to cover the cost of accommodation, meals and local transportation within China.

  • Salaries (not to exceed 15% of the total budget of the project for the Egyptian side). The salary should be consistent with the salary scale provided by STDF.
  • Organizing bilateral, project-related workshops in Egypt
  • Equipment: Project-related equipment should not be less than 50% of the project’s total budget.

How to Apply

First Step: Read carefully the guidelines of the grant.

Second Step: Fill out the application form containing the research proposal template. Upload the file to the STDF website. And fill any required fields while applying through the website.

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