15 January 2020.



(Partially Funded)


University of Gävle Study Scholarship.

The University of Gävle carries out excellent and competitive research to foster a social development that protects the environment we people live in. Therefore, projects which directly target our living environment, sustainable development, health and working environments, are in focus for the University’s research efforts.

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University of Gävle researchers work closely with the community. They continuously test and develop their theories in collaboration with international companies and organisations.

Opportunity Focus Areas:

  1. One-Year Master Programs.
    • Energy Systems.
    • Geomatics.
    • Management of Logistics and Innovation.
  2. Two-Year Master Programs.
    • Electromatics/Automation.
    • Geo spatial Information Science.
  3. Three-Year Master Programs.
    • Social Work – Specialization International Social Work.

Required Languages


Eligible Countries


Program Period

According to the Program.

A maximum of three years for a Bachelor’s program and one or two years for a Master program.

Eligibility Requirements (Criteria)

  • A scholarship may only be granted by the University upon written application by an applicant or a student having been accepted for a program by the University provided that the applicant or student is covered by the obligation to pay a study fee.
  • Scholarships can only be granted to applicants who applied to undergraduate/master program in time.

Selection Criteria:

  • Applications are only eligible if the University of Gävle is marked as the first hand choice. If the University is marked as a second hand choice or lower, applications will not be considered.
  • The selection will also be based on applicants grades, as well as motivational letter.
  • Scholarships can only be granted to applicants who met the deadline when applying.

Opportunity Cost

(Partially Funded)

  • The scholarship offers a maximum amount of 75% of the tuition fee.
  • Scholarships are granted for the first year of studies and to be prolonged after the first year of studies.
  • The student granted a scholarship is required to obtain study credits hours equivalent to those required by the National Board or Student when granting study loans to students, 45 credit hour per year.

How to Apply

First Step: Apply for a program at the University of Gävle.You should create an account on university admission in Sweden website to apply for the study program. click here

Second Step:  you have to choose which program you are interested in. click here

You have to consider the following:

  1. You have to choose Gävle University, Autumn 2020, all programs then search.
  2. A page will appear containing all available programs for application, you can read the program information on the University website and if you are interested in the program you can add it to your application.
  3. For bachelor’s applicants, you can apply for up to 8 programs in the application period. You can only be accepted to a maximum of 45 credit hours per semester.
  4. At the master’s level, you can apply for up to 4 study programs, and be accepted to a maximum of 30 credit hour per semester.
  5. You must rank your choices before submitting your application (Place the program you most wish to study at the top of the list, followed by your next favorite) where programs at Skövde University as first choice.
  6. If you’re offered a place in the first master’s program on your list (your first choice), all other choices will be deleted.
  7. If you’re not offered a place in your first choice, you will be reviewed for your second choice, and so on.

Third Step: Then you have to fill your Scholarship application here.
You will have to fill in the application number which is a 8-digit code you get when you apply for program in Sweden.

Fourth Step:You need to submit a Letter of Motivation (maximum 1000 characters) for your application to be reviewed.

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