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Code Life Ventilator Challenge

With potentially 70% of the population on the brink of being infected by COVID-19, our worldwide health care systems will be strained beyond their limits. Even now, there aren’t enough ventilators to save everyone who needs respiratory support, and doctors are having to make agonizing decisions about who to save. Our modern world provides the means to produce these life-saving ventilators thanks to widespread rapid manufacturing tools—3D printers, CNC machines— combined with low-cost computers (i.e. smartphones, Arduinos, etc.), but what we’re missing is a design.
YOU need to design a simple, maintainable, easy-to-manufacture ventilator to provide life support to COVID patients anywhere in the world.

More Details

There is an acknowledged shortage of medical ventilators worldwide [ CBS News IBCC , FT, Fortune, Boston Globe , …] to treat such a large volume of patients and, even in developed economies, there may be a shortage to treat large numbers of patients during outbreak peaks, as has been seen in Italy. The case will likely be direr still in countries with more limited resources and less resilient healthcare systems.

The Goal of the Competition:

To design a low-cost, simple, easy to use and easy to build ventilator that can serve COVID patients, in an emergency timeframe. It should be easy to build locally, must be easy to verify its functionality, and must meet the design requirements specified here. Three finalists will be selected and their designs will be available to download for free.

Opportunity Focus Areas:

  • Design
  • Manufacturing

Required Languages


Eligible Countries


Program Period

  1. All submission are available until the deadline March 31, 2020.
  2. Three designs will be endorsed on April 15th following validation by our panel of experts.
  3. The three designs will then be available for download, and we will track number of verified implementations and feedback on the designs, and determine the most impactful design as the winner, the second as 2nd prize, and so on.

Eligibility Requirements (Criteria)

  • This competition is open to participants form all over the world.
  • You must be 18 years or older.
  • This Challenge is void in countries where it is prohibited or restricted by law.
  • Participation in the Challenge is as a Team only
  • Individual Participants must form a team (“Team”) of 3+ members—including the expert physician capable of signing off on the performance, and an engineering expert capable of signing off on the electrical/fire safety of the device. Each Team member must accept these Rules, by clicking a hyperlink through the Agorize interface. Sponsor may disqualify any Team (and all its members) in the case where any one member has not accepted or violates these Rules.

The grading criteria:

  • Deliverables satisfactionp;
  • Quality of the design;
  • Time to market;
  • Level of security of endorsement.

Click here to read product requirements. 

For Team requirements:


  1. Each team must include at least one relevant medical professional with publicized credentials (proof of right to practice) and one relevant technical/engineering professional with credentials to approve safety requirements.
  2. Each team member must provide a short resume of qualifications relevant to the design (e.g. engineering degree, industry experience, other relevant experience).


  1. Each team is responsible for having at least one team representative on our communication platform to answer failure reports and end-user questions.
  2. This should be maintained throughout the contest and beyond, as long as implementation of the device exists for COVID.
  3. Other communication means must be provided and kept up to date for later needs (email etc.) in case of a future crisis.

Capacity and costs

  1. Each team must have local capacity to produce, test, and demonstrate the performance of their design in accordance with the specifications.
  2. Costs of design and prototyping are to be covered by the contestants.

For more information, please click here. and if you want to take a look on terms and conditions, please click here

Opportunity Cost


  • The winner team will get an award of CAD $200,000.

How to Apply

First Step: Click “Apply Now” below.

Second Step: Press ”Participate”.

Third Step: Create your own account.

Fourth Step: Complete your account information.

Fifth Step: After completing your information, you will receive a confirmation e-mail, check your e-mail.

Sixth Step: Create your own team, then start your challenge trip.

Material to submit: design, test, and use documents (please name files with concise descriptions).

  • CAD drawings, 2 options:
    • 3D files (.dwg, .stdprt, .sldasm, .ipt, .iam)
    • Fully annotated 2D drawings (.pdf) 3-D mesh files (.stl)
  • Fully annotated circuit diagrams (.pdf)
  • Functional bock diagram (.pdf)
  • Code: software/firmware. Include brief installation and user guide (.pdf)
  • Bill of materials (.pdf)
  • Clear and concise assembly instructions (.pdf)
  • Clear user guide (.pdf):
    1. How to use the device
    2. How to run a validation test and how often
  • How to maintain the device and clean the device, video demonstration of device (.mp4)
  • Test methods and test results (.pdf)
  • Endorsement letters from:
    1. ICU professional (ICU Physician or respiratory technician) (.pdf)
    2. Engineering professional attesting that safety (electrical, fire, etc.) have been met (.pdf)

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