15 January 2020.



(Partially Funded)


Avancez Scholarships – Chalmers University of Technology 2020

Chalmers University of Technology will award a number of scholarships funded by the Chalmers Foundation and these are available to all citizens from non-EU/EEA countries who are liable to pay tuition fees for Swedish university education. The exact number of scholarships is yet to be decided by the Chalmers Foundation.

More Details

Chalmers University of Technology conducts research and offers education in technology, science, shipping and architecture with a sustainable future as its global vision. Chalmers is well-known for providing an effective environment for innovation and has 13 departments. Situated in Gothenburg, Sweden, Chalmers has 10,300 full-time students and 3,100 employees.
The field/s of study to which the scholarships will be awarded is determined annually by the University President. For the academic year 2020/2021 the field of study is unrestricted, but it will be distributed according to targeted areas of education determined by the university management, based on the total number of applicants per each area of education from previous academic year.

Opportunity Focus Areas:

  • Applied Mechanics
  • Architecture and Planning Beyond Sustainability
  • Architecture and Urban Design
  • Automotive Engineering
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Biotechnology
  • Communication Engineering
  • Complex Adaptive Systems
  • Computer Science – algorithms, languages and logic.
  • Computer Systems and Networks
  • Data Science
  • Design and Construction Project Management.
  • Electric Power Engineering
  • Embedded Electronic System Design
  • Engineering Mathematics and Computational Science
  • High-Performance Computer Systems
  • Industrial Design Engineering
  • Industrial Ecology
  • Infrastructure and Environmental Engineering
  • Innovative and Sustainable Chemical Engineering
  • Interaction Design and Technologies
  • Lärande och ledarskap (Learning and Leadership)
  • Management and Economics of Innovation
  • Maritime Management
  • Materials Chemistry
  • Materials Engineering
  • Nanotechnology
  • Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering
  • Physics
  • Production Engineering
  • Product Development
  • Quality and Operations Management
  • Software Engineering and Technology
  • Sound and Vibration
  • Structural Engineering and Building Technology
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Sustainable Energy Systems
  • Systems, Control and Mechatronics
  • Wireless, Photonics and Space Engineering
  • Entrepreneurship and Business Design

NoteThe Master’s programme in Entrepreneurship and Business Design is the exception to this rule as this programme admits applicants with Bachelor’s degrees from other fields as well.For all of the current Master’s programmes at Chalmers Click here.

Required Languages


Eligible Countries


Program Period

2 years ( 120 credits ).

Eligibility Requirements (Criteria)

  • 1st year Master’s programme applicants.
  • Citizens from non-EU/EEA countries who are required to pay tuition fees for Swedish university studies.
  • The selection is based on the applicants’ relative academic excellence, which primarily includes weighted average grade but also home University’s stature (including position on global ranking lists) and priority order of the application for Chalmers Master’s Programmes.
  • To be eligible an applicant must either be a holder of – or be enrolled in his/her last year of studies leading to – a Bachelor’s degree in Science, Technology, Engineering or Architecture.
  • Applicants who are currently enrolled in long educational programmes with no intermediate Bachelor’s degree in a Nordic Country are required to have completed at least 3 years (180 credits) out of 5 of a full Master’s programme.
  • For all of Chalmers master’s programmes, the English requirement must be equivalent to or higher than English 6 (in Swedish upper secondary school).

  • certain upper secondary (high school) studies,certain university studies,or an internationally approved English test ( IELTS and TOEFL).

Opportunity Cost

(Partially Funded)

  • A 75% reduction of the tuition fees (4 semesters/2 year programme).
  • Students who excel during their first year of studies may receive an increased reduction, which covers 85% of the tuition fees during the second and final year of studies.
  • No funds are transferred to the scholarship laureates.

How to Apply

First Step: Apply at the university at first by:

  1. Create an account on this link.
  2. Log in this website.
  3. Choose one or several Master’s programmes at Chalmers here.
  4. Then click “to application”,you will find your application number.

Second Step: Submit the following:

  1. Required documents:
    • Certificates and diplomas from previous university studies (including students in their final year of bachelor’s studies).
    • Transcripts of completed courses and grades.
    • Proof of English language skills.
    • Proof that you meet the specific entry requirements – A course syllabus must be submitted for each specific prerequisite (include a Bachelor’s degree (or the equivalent) and prerequisites (one or several courses selected as necessary for the specific programme) and for three particular programmes a portfolio is required).
    • Relevant pages of your passport or other valid ID.
    • Curriculum Vitae (CV).
    • Project portfolio.
      The project portfolio is a prerequisite for the following programmes: Architecture and Urban Design, Architecture and Planning Beyond Sustainability and Industrial Design Engineering.
    • Letter of (intent) motivation.
      The letter of motivation should not exceed 1 page and must be in English.
    • Work experience:
      Certificates of relevant work experience or other professional certificates, if any.
    • Letter of recommendation (optional):
      you make sure that both a date and clear contact information is provided, with the organization as well as the referee’s name clearly stated.
      You may provide one or two letters of recommendation.
    • Cumulative grade point average (CGPA) (optional):
      All applicants are encouraged to submit official University documentation, which clearly states the applicant’s cumulative grade point average (CGPA) for the Bachelor’s studies.

    Note: You must always submit your documents in the official language of the country where you studied. If this language is not Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, English, French or German, you must also provide an official translation. This translation should be in one of those 6 languages.

  2. Upload your documents (before 1st of February) here.

Third Step:

  1. Open the on-line request , fill your information, and submit it in order to obtain the personal link to your scholarship application form.
  2. you will receive e-mail that includes link to the online scholarship application form.

Note: This e-mail will not be sent instantaneously. Normally, it is sent within 24 hours but it may take up to a few days in some cases, depending on holidays, weekends, etc.) .

Fourth Step: 

  1. Open the online scholarship application form.
  2. Log in by your application number.
  3. Select the scholarships that you wish to apply “Avancez/IPOET (75% tuition fee reduction)”.
  4. Write your name & date of birth.
  5. Write Cumulative GPA, maximum & minimum passing grade, your Graduation date.

Fifth Step: Notification and mandatory confirmation requirement:

  1. Scholarship notifications will be sent out by e-mail by Chalmers between March and Mid-April.
  2. In order to keep your scholarship offer, you have to confirm that you accept the offered scholarship. Instructions will follow in your scholarship offer notification. Make sure to confirm by the specified deadline.

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