12 June 2019.



(Fully Funded)


Paris IAS research Chair on “Major Societal Changes”

The Sorbonne University – Paris IAS Chair gives a researcher the possibility to work on an innovative project advancing knowledge on the societal impacts and ethical dimensions of major, global changes, more specifically environmental transition or artificial intelligence.

More Details

S/he will benefit from the outstanding work conditions and the scientific environment of the Paris IAS, and will collaborate chiefly with Sorbonne University’s research teams and Interdisciplinary Institutes.

Opportunity Focus Areas:

  • Humanities and social sciences.

Required Languages

English, French.

Eligible Countries


Program Period

10-month chair or two 5-month chairs for high level international researchers in the humanities and social sciences (HSS) during the academic year 2020-2021.

Eligibility Requirements (Criteria)

  • Researchers from all countries are eligible.
  • Applicants who have spent more than a total of 12 months in France during the 3 years prior to the application are not eligible.
  • This call for applications is open to:
    • Senior university professors or researchers holding a position in a university or research institution or emeritus and having a minimum of 10 years of full-time research experience after their Ph.D. (at the time of the application). To be considered a senior, the applicant must have received her/his Ph.D. before April 1st, 2009.
    • Junior scholars having the status of the postdoctoral researcher or holding a position in a university or research institution, and having a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 9 years of research experience after the Ph.D. To be eligible and considered a junior, the applicant must have received her/his Ph.D. between April 1st, 2009 and April 1st, 2017.
  • The institute is bilingual. Knowledge of English is required. The applicants are also expected to understand written and spoken French, as scientific and social activities are held in French and English.

Opportunity Cost

(Fully Funded)

  • Housing, travel, and Insurances are covered.
  • Salary for the researcher.

How to Apply

First Step: The application, in English, must be submitted via an online application system (here, see the guide “How to apply). Paper or e-mail applications are not accepted.

Second Step: The application consists of the following items:

  • the completed application form;
  • a curriculum vitae (10 pages maximum) including a list of publications and a list of the 5 publications considered as most important by the applicant;
  • a detailed research proposal (25 000 characters maximum, spaces included. This count does not include the bibliography). The proposal should include :
    • theme
    • state of the art in the field, the innovative character of the proposal
    • theoretical  framework and methodology
    • expected outcomes and impact
    • work planning, timescales
    • existing or planned scientific cooperation and contacts in Sorbonne University and in France
    • bibliography (books and articles cited);
  • two summaries of the research project (1500 characters maximum for each, spaces included): one for an audience of specialists of the field of research, and one for the general public;
  • a letter of cooperation with one or more research teams of Sorbonne University, signed by a member of the team. The letter must state the nature of the planned collaboration;
  • a list of four topics (two of them at least related to the theme of the research proposal) on which the applicant could give a lecture during the fellowship;
  • in the case of Junior Fellows (2 to 9 years after the Ph.D. at the time of the application), two letters of recommendation;

Third Step: Submit your application.

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