13 May 2019



(Fully Funded)


The Polish Robert Schuman Foundation is searching for 18 volunteers who would like to join our European Solidarity Corps project “Schuman Solidarity Crew” in October 2019 or January 2020 until June/September 2020 (depending on the hosting organization) in Poland.

More Details

Volunteering activities will take place in 8 hosting organizations:

  • 3 special kindergartens for children with disabilities (Warsaw),
  • regular kindergarten for children with special nutritional needs (Warsaw),
  • primary school with integrative classes (Warsaw),
  • Association of Developing Children’s Activity “Chance” – ngo focusing on providing best possible development, increasing the educational conditions for children and raising the quality of work in early childhood education (Warsaw),
  • the Polish Robert Schuman Foundation office – ngo working on European and civic education (Warsaw),
  • European Integration Club at the School Complex in Wojkowice – non-formal European education for members of European Integration Club and school students (Wojkowice in the Silesian region),

Increase with us your intercultural experience, improve personal and professional competences in special/European/civic/integrative education in formal and non-formal curriculum, share your experience and knowledge with others and join our Crew!

This project is a part of a 3-years long volunteering partnership coordinated by the Polish Robert Schuman Foundation.

Opportunity Focus Areas:

  • Education (Kindergarten)
  • Education (Primary Schoold)
  • Integrative Education
  • Civic Education

Required Languages

English, and Beginner level Polish

Eligible Countries


Program Period

  • October 2019 – June 2020 or January 2020 – September 2020 
  • This project is a part of a 3-years long volunteering partnership coordinated by the Polish Robert Schuman Foundation.

Eligibility Requirements (Criteria)

  • Volunteers aged between 18 and 30 years, legally residing in one of the participating and partner countries.
  • No specific knowledge, skills or experience is required as the necessary ones can be acquired during the project. We are not looking for experienced volunteers but those who would learn a lot during the service in a particular hosting organization and are strongly motivated.
  • Apart from personal motivation of volunteers our requirement is volunteers’ strong will of learning Polish language after selection procedure successfully ends. We need selected volunteers to know a few crucial phrases. Why is this important? Because they will work with children with disabilities and youth, which often do not speak English or any other language.

Opportunity Cost

( Fully Funded)

  • This opportunity funding includes:
    • Pocket Money: 120 € Monthly
    • Food Money: 110 € Monthly
    • Local Transport: Transport cards are provided
    • Accommodation: Sharing Flats, Up to 6 volunteers share the apartment. Often volunteers share a bedroom with another volunteer.
    • Language Support
    • Polish Phone Card
    • Insurance
    • Travel & to from mobility
    • Visa and related costs
    • Medical tests

How to Apply

First Step: Fill the online application form from here

* Candidates can add other documents/personal presentations/ videos/photos/motivation letters to the application form, if they want but please know that applications without the online form will not be taken into consideration. The recruitment procedure will take place through European Solidarity Corps portal.

Second Step: You should include in your application:



    • Your CV
    • Your Volunteering experience
    • Experiences in international contexts (abroad, with people from other countries or cultures).
    • Language Skills.


    • Please describe your motivation and expectations of your volunteering in this SELECTED HOSTING ORGANIZATION (What attracts you in this Hosting Organization?)
    • Please describe briefly in your own words how you imagine your activities in this SELECTED HOSTING ORGANIZATION
    • Describe your experiences, skills and knowledge that you have and that you think might be useful for carrying out the volunteer tasks in SELECTED HOSTING ORGANIZATION
    • What do you hope to learn from this volunteering experience?
    • What difficulties can you imagine during your activities in SELECTED HOSTING ORGANIZATION? How would you solve them?
    • What are your plans after this volunteering project?
    • Have you ever had any personal/professional contact with children/adults with disabilities or fewer opportunities? If yes, please describe it.
    • Are you facing any situation(s) that might make your participation in volunteering activities more difficult (disability, discrimination of any kind, economic difficulties, cultural differences, social difficulties, health problems etc.*)?
    • Do you have any other special needs or medical conditions that the organization should be aware of (diet, allergies, mobility problems, medical treatment, personal support, etc.)

Third Step: Send applications to: before 13th May 2019. In title please write: APPLICATION 2019.

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