December 31, 2019


Belgium, France, Germany, Poland

(Partially  Funded)


European Master Course in Advanced Ship and Offshore Design

The objective of the EMSHIP education platform is to provide a high education level in Naval Architecture and Ship & Offshore Design. EMSHIP gives the opportunity to candidates to demonstrate their talents and offer them the necessary skills to work in this challenging industry (marine and offshore field).

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EMSHIP leads to a Double Master degree in Offshore Structures and Marine Engineering and Ship Design from

1. ULiège-Liege, Belgium and

2. One of these 3 institutions :

Opportunity is About:

  • Architecture
  • Construction Engineering
  • Transportation & Communication

Required Languages


Eligible Countries


Program Period

2 years

Eligibility Requirements (Criteria)

The targeted candidates are:

  • Undergraduate Students having a BSc (typically a bachelor in 3 years as in Europe (called BAC+3), or in 4-5 years in other countries). If specialized, the bachelor should be in Mechanics, Aero, Naval Architecture, Ocean Engineering, Civil Engineering, Material engineering or related fields;
  • Engineers with a Master degree (MSc , BAC+5) in Mechanical Engineering, Marine Engineering, Civil Engineering or related fields, searching for advanced education in Marine Hydrodynamics, in Ship and offshore Design, Ship and offshore Structures, Production, and Information Technology (to upgrade his existing knowledge);
  • Engineers looking to start a career in classification societies, R&D units or in maritime engineering companies;
  • Candidates looking for an ideal preparation for a PhD (or R&D) in the maritime field;
  • All Candidates must have a relevant background in :
    Mathematics, Physics, Numerical Analysis, Physics of materials, Applied thermodynamics ,Mechanics, Mechanics of materials, Solid mechanics, and Fluid mechanics.
  • This Master is open to students having at least a bachelor in 3 years (180 credits), but there are some prerequisites. Of course students having bachelor in 4 or 5 years, or students with a master degree are also welcome, but similarly, the same prerequisites apply.
  • To be admitted at this Joint Programme “EMSHIP+ – Advanced Design of Ships and Offshore Structures”, candidates must fulfill the following conditions:
  1. Be holders of a “Bachelor of Science” or “Bachelor of Engineering” degree, with at least 180 ECTS (credits), in Mechanical Engineering, Naval Architecture, Ocean Engineering, Civil Engineering or related fields
  2. Have appropriate command of English language.
  3. Have a master in one of these fields is also accepted.

Opportunity Cost

 (Partially Funded)

A full scholarship for non EU includes:

  • The full tuition fees (8000€/year)
  • A monthly allowance for living expenses of 1000€/month
  • Installation fee: 1000€ (lump sum at arrival)
  • Travel expenses (3000€/year – lump sum)
  • A health insurance (value 500€/year)

A full scholarship for EU includes :

  • The full tuition fees (4000€/year)
  • A monthly allowance for living expenses of 1000€/month
  • Travel costs : 1000€/year
  • A health insurance 500€/year

How to Apply

First Step: Create an account on the website from here.

Second Step: Fill the online application.

Third step: Upload the required attachments in the form as PDF:

  1. Copy of ID card and or passport, and  a copy of nationality certificate dated of the year of the registration issued
  2. Copy of your Secondary School Diploma + transcript  
  3. Copy of your diploma of Bachelor degree + Transcripts (and eventually of your MSc Degree).
  4. Prerequisite sheet
  5. Recommendation letters (2)
  6. Summary of your last dissertation (BsC or MSc)
  7. An English Proficiency certificate
  8. Official documents for the past five years (year by year)  if they are not covered by your last diploma 

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