Hiring | Education Partnership Specialist


Hiring | Education Partnership Specialist

Education Partnership Specialist

Seniority: Entry-level or higher

Salary range: 6,000 EGP

Location: MARJ3 office at Greek Campus, Cairo, Egypt.

Type: Full time position – 5 days per week


Job description:

An Education Partnership Specialist will be MARJ3 primary point of contact with the community of MARJ3’s partner schools who rely on our various services.

The Education Partnership Specialist will need to have a strong understanding of the details of our provided services so that they can communicate effectively with each school depending on its nature and agreed services with it.

For that reason, Education Partnership Specialists’ responsibilities will focus on representing us to our various partner schools.

Education Partnership Specialists is aimed to become responsible for: 

– Doing research about the targeted schools that we can connect with.

– Conducting phone calls, e-mails, and meetings with targeted schools to present how they can use MARJ3’s products depending on our offering’s nature.

– Answer any questions raised by our partners and determine potential areas to enhance our school program’s experience.

– Responsible for developing MOUs with targeted educational entities.

– Cooperate with cross functions teams to develop and deliver periodic reports to MARJ3’s partners.

– Responsible for the execution of our school’s program various activities with our partner schools.

– Handle our school partners requests with a professional and friendly manner.

– Networking on behalf of MARJ3.

When you first join MARJ3, you will get onboarding training based on your personal assessment to be able to understand your job and execute it effectively.

This role will best fit candidates who:

– Previous experience in a similar position is highly preferred.

– Have an excellent command of English Language; written, spoken.

– Have strong interpersonal skills.

– Have strong written and verbal communication skills.

– Enjoy meeting new people and speaking with them.

– Comfortable dealing with students and their parents.

– Comfortable with initiating various communications among several channels.

– Are passionate about finding great giving opportunities and making the world a better place

– Value intense discussion and debate.

– Have strong critical thinking skills and approach all claims (including their managers’) with scepticism.

– Are comfortable with open-ended questions, where no clear precedents or guidelines exist

– Are open to learning a variety of new skills, from quantitative analysis to public speaking

– Value the intensity and open-endedness of a small organization over the stability and comfort of a larger corporation

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