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(Partially Funded)


Deutsche Welle (DW) Journalism Traineeship.

The traineeship is one of the most prestigious journalism training programs in Europe, giving you the chance to learn all the skills you need to work successfully as a multimedia reporter and editor. The DW traineeship is all about gaining hands-on experience in radio, TV and online with a combination of intensive practical training blocks and newsroom placements both within DW and internationally.


More Details

  • We are looking for young people from all over the world interested in a comprehensive, exceptional quality journalism program with an international broadcaster.
  • Candidates should have journalism experience or be passionate about switching to journalism from technology/IT, economics or the sciences.We are looking for open-minded people full of creative ideas.
  • The program covers the range of skills a journalist of the future needs: TV moderation, multimedia storytelling, data journalism, social media and virtual reality – in seminars, workshops and of course the DW editorial offices and our correspondent bureaux in Washington, Moscow and Brussels.
  • DW trainees are involved in long-term innovative, international projects and have been honored in past years with the CNN Journalism Award and the Grimme Prize. After the traineeship, the trainees usually continue to work for DW.
  • In this, trainees benefit from DW’s strong ties to other German public broadcasters and international media houses.
  • Trainees are also able to explore the journalism trends of the future – from digital storytelling to data journalism and virtual reality.
  • In addition, you will have the chance to develop a larger piece of innovative content through involvement in the scheme’s journalism projects.

Opportunity Focus Areas:

  • Journalism
  • Technology/IT
  • Science
  • Politics
  • Economics

Required Languages

English And German.

Eligible Countries


Program Period

18 month.

starting in September 2019.

Eligibility Requirements (Criteria)

  • native speaker of one of DW’s languages (Arabic, Chinese, English, German,Spanish, Portuguese for Brazil, and Russian), and excellent English and German skills.
  • completed university degree, college degree or apprenticeship (we are especially looking for those with a background in technology/IT, science, politics or economics).
  • basic journalism experience.
  • content published or broadcast.
  • creative mind.
  • excellent judge of journalism content.
  • social media experience.
  • ability to work in a fast-paced environment, both within teams and individually.
  • strong MS Office skills, basic audio and video production skills, data skills.


Opportunity Cost

(Partially Funded)

  • trainee salary.
  • international broadcaster in 30 languages.
  • crossmedia: TV, online and radio.
  • six months of seminar blocks.
  • internships in Berlin and Bonn.
  • placement with DW foreign bureau (Washington, Brussels, Moscow).
  • international multimedia projects.
  • well-known media trainers.
  • the acquisition of a broad base of journalism skills.
  • technology training across TV, radio and online.
  • focused seminars delivered by experienced trainers.
  • placements with various DW editorial departments in Bonn and Berlin as well as in one of our foreign bureaus in Brussels, Washington or Moscow.
  • placement with partner broadcasters in Germany, Europe or worldwide.
  • the chance to produce a larger journalism piece based on your own idea.
  • a salary paid throughout the traineeship.
  • the prospect of a DW employment contract upon successful completion of the traineeship.

How to Apply

First Step: 

  • Fill out this form
    1. Personal data.
    2. Contact data.
    3.  Education.
    4.Language skills.
    5. CV/Resumé as a PDF.
    6.Individual documents (Photo,Cover letter)
    7.Additional documents.
    (upload any final, relevant certificates or documents for the traineeship.
    This must include a copy of your passport as well as a residence permit if appropriate.)

Second Step:

  • Answer the 4 questions they give to you:
    1.If you aren’t a native German speaker, how would you rate your proficiency in German?
    2.If you aren’t a native English speaker, how would you rate your proficiency in
    3.If you had a chance to interview Vladimir Putin, the Pope and Mark Zuckerberg, what would be the first question you would ask each of them?
    4. It’s the year 2167 and artificial intelligence shapes our lives. Do real-life journalists still exist?

Third Step:

  • Supmit the application 

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