1 February 2019



(Partially Funded)


Master mind scholarship at KU Luevan unviersity 2019.

The Government of Flanders awards Master Mind Scholarships to outstanding students taking a master’s degree programme in Flanders. KU Leuven will nominate up to 20 outstanding students who will start a master’s programme next academic year.

More Details

The Government of Flanders awards Master Mind Scholarships to outstanding students taking a master’s degree programme in Flanders. All nationalities are eligible. The previous degree obtained should be from a higher education institution located outside Flanders.

Specializations for studying on this opportunity:

Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies

  • Research Master of Advanced Studies in Theology and Religion
  • Master of Philosophy
  • Research Master of Philosophy

Faculty of Economics and Business 

  • Master of Laws
  • Master of Business Administration
  • Master of Business Engineering
  • Master of Business Administration
  • Master of International Business Economics and Management
  • Master of Economics
  • Master of Business Economics
  • Master of Business Engineering
  • Master of Business and Information Systems Engineering
  • Master of Information Management
  • Master of Actuarial and Financial Engineering
  • Master of Advanced Studies in Economics

 Faculty of Social Sciences

  • Master of International Politics
  • Master of European Politics and Policies
  • Master in Social and Cultural Anthropology

Faculty of Arts

  • Master of Western Literature
  • Master of Cultural Studies
  • Máster en Estudios Ibéricos e Iberoamericanos
  • Master of History
  • Master en Langue et littérature françaises
  • Master of European Studies: Transnational and Global Perspectives

Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences

  • Psychology: Theory and Research
  • Master of Educational Studies

Faculty of Science

  • Master of Architecture
  • Master of Astronomy and Astrophysics
  • Master of Biophysics, Biochemistry, and Biotechnology
  • Master of Biology
  • Master of Chemistry
  • Master of Geology
  • Master of Geography
  • Master of Mathematics
  • Master of Physics
  • Master of Statistics
  • ICP Master of Sustainable Development
  • Erasmus Mundus Master of Theoretical Chemistry and Computational Modelling

Faculty of Engineering Science

  • Master of Biomedical Engineering
  • Master of Chemical Engineering
  • Master of Engineering: Computer Science
  • Master of Electrical Engineering
  • Master of Engineering: Energy
  • Master of Materials Engineering
  • Master of Engineering: Logistics and Traffic
  • Master of Mechanical Engineering
  • Master of Mathematical Engineering
  • Master of Nanoscience, Nanotechnology, and Nanoengineering
  • Erasmus Mundus Master of Science in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
  • Master of Artificial Intelligence
  • Master of Conservation of Monuments and Sites
  • Master of Human Settlements
  • Master of Nuclear Engineering
  • Master of Safety Engineering
  • Master of Urbanism and Strategic Planning

Faculty of Bioscience Engineering

  • Master of Bioscience Engineering: Human Health Engineering
  • Master of Bioinformatics
  • Master of Bioscience Engineering: Agro- and Ecosystems Engineering
  • Master of Food Technology
  • Master of Molecular Biology
  • Master of Water Resources Engineering
  • Master of Bioethics

Required Languages


Eligible Countries


Program Period

The duration of the mobility is minimum 1 academic year and maximum 2 academic years.

Eligibility Requirements (Criteria)

  • The student has applied for an eligible master’s programme at KU Leuven. Please consult the list of master’s programmes that qualify for a 2019-2020 Master Mind Scholarship.
  • The student has a high standard of academic performance and potential.
    The student has a Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.0 out of 4.0. Please consult the GPA calculator.
  • The student has a good knowledge and command of the language of instruction of the master’s programme, regardless of the minimum scores required by the master’s programme:
    • a minimum score of 7 on the IELTS test
    • a minimum score of 94 on the TOEFL test
    • a similar result in another official language test
  • All nationalities are eligible. The previous degree obtained should be from a higher education institution located outside Flanders.
  • Students who are already enrolled in a Flemish higher education institution are not eligible.
  • Student mobility during the master’s programme is allowed. However, at least half of the credits of the master’s programme must be obtained at the Flemish higher education institution.

required documents:

  1. PDF scans of your diploma(s) and transcripts of academic records
  2. PDF scan of the translation of your diploma(s) and official transcripts
  3. English Proficiency Certificate
  4. PDF of the proof of payment of the application fee made either via bank transfer or via credit card
  5. PDF scan of the identity page of your passport (for EEA citizens: a PDF scan of your national ID card will also suffice)
  6. PDF of your motivation letter (recommended size: one A4 page)
  7. PDF of your CV

Opportunity Cost

(Partially Funded)

  • The student receives a maximum scholarship of € 8,000 per academic year.
  • Master Mind Scholarship holders pay a reduced tuition fee. The rate for the 2018-2019 academic year is € 108.8. This rate may increase slightly in the following years.

How to Apply

First Step: start your application at KU Leuven, login

Second Step: Add an application by clicking the ‘+’ button in the Applications section on the main page of the web app and Choose the type of programme.

Third Step: add required documents (mentioned above)

Note: For each submitted application an application processing fee of EUR 75 (excluding any possible bank transfer fees) is required. This amount is non-refundable.

fourth step: submit your online application

note: After you have successfully submitted your online application, you can follow up the status of your application in the web app.

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