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Masters Programme in Mathematics at The University of Verona (Italy)

The University of Verona (Italy) offers a two year Masters Programme in Mathematics taught in English.This Master’s Degree, as is the case for all the best programmes, is entirely in English. Many classes will be given by external professors coming from the University partner institutions, among the best ranked in Europe.

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There are two options: the first is to follow the programme in Applications, which is designed to prepare the student for a professional career, based on a providing a strong background in Modelling and Numerical Methods in the fields of Industrial Mathematics, Applied Sciences, Data Science, Decision Science, Financial Mathematics and Cryptography. Alternatively one may follow the Teacher Preparation Programme. Individual programmes may be personalized by taking courses at the University of Trento, with which we have a convention, or by taking part in the international exchange programs Erasmus+, Worldwide Study and Erasmus+ for Traineeship.

This Master’s Degree is a teaching centre for the European Consortium for Mathematics in Industry (ECMI). Indeed, by choosing the appropriate courses it is possible to get the “ECMI Certificate” upon graduation. It is also possible to have an Internship at important national and international Banks and Insurance Companies, as well as in Research laboratories and Schools. These aspects of the Degree give graduates a competitive edge for their future careers, be it in the Job Market, or for a continuing Academic career.

A graduate of the Master’s Degree in Mathematics at the University of Verona will be well prepared for employment in Banks, other Financial Institutions and Insurance Companies, as well as in the Research and Development Offices of companies and other public and private Institutions (data analysis, software development, cryptography and information security, analysis and modelling of biomedical processes, methodologies and technology for Industry 4.0 …) at both the national and international level.

The graduate will be able to successfully continue in a Doctoral Programme in Mathematics (for instance the Doctoral Programme in Mathematics at the University of Trento, in convention with Verona). Alternatively, the graduate may decide to complete their Teacher Training by following the appropriate government licensing procedures.

Opportunity Focus Areas:

  • Math & Physics

Required Languages


Eligible Countries


Program Period

2 years.

 From 1st October 2020 till 31th July 2022.

Eligibility Requirements (Criteria)

  • Bachelor’s degree (minimum) or foreign equivalent.
  • A foreign academic degree is considered suitable if its curriculum includes at least the knowledge and skills in the academic disciplines specified in the table of admission requirements and evaluation criteria (Appendix 1A).
  • The degree is considered suitable if it can be seen, by analysing the course of studies, that the programme provides the curricular education and necessary skills to admit the applicant to the specific Master’s programme.

Opportunity Cost

(Partially Funded)

The tuition fees depend on the student’s financial situation. The highest rate applies if the student’s family has a yearly income exceeding € 55,000.00. The most updated exact amounts can be found at this webpage (partially in Italian) of the University of Verona.
*Under the University of Verona’s initiatives for internationalisation, students of non-European Union citizenship can opt for a tuition fee of € 1,000 per year, for the legal duration of their degree programme, without needing to submit any documentation proving their financial situation. Students who choose this option:

  • must have been admitted to their chosen degree programme through a qualification gained abroad;
  • must have residency (and their family too) in a non-EU country;
  • may still apply for a regional scholarship;
  • may not apply for a university fees reduction or exemption.

How to Apply

First Step: Pre-enrollment.

Prospective students interested in the Master’s Program in Mathematics must provide the following documents:

  • Curriculum vitae
  • Transcripts: certificate of exams with programs of the courses and grades achieved, issued by the foreign academic authority. No validation is required. No translation is needed if in the following languages:English, Italian, French, Spanish.
  • Statement of Purpose: a short text in English (max. 2 pages) motivating the applicant’s interest in the Program

Second Step:Enrollment

Once the pre-enrollment application is accepted, for further information please refer to the International page at the website of the University of Verona or directly contact the International Student Office.
Basically, the prospective student will need to visit as soon as possible the nearest Italian Embassy/Consulate to get the following documents:

  • Declaration of Value (“Dichiarazione di valore in loco”), issued on condition that the applicant has at least 12 years of preuniversity education and holds a university degree requiring at least 3 years of attendance.
  • A certificate issued by the foreign University, with Apostille stamp or translated and validated by the Italian Embassy/Consulate, with details of courses taken during the Bachelor and grades. This document must be in English or Italian.
  • A Study Visa: a temporary residence permit which is needed to be admitted to Italy.

The first two documents can be substituted with the Diploma Supplement to your Bachelor Degree, provided the foreign University belongs to the European Higher Education Area.

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