1 March 2019



(Paid opportunity)


Doctoral student position in Administrative Law at the Faculty of Law

The overall purpose of the doctoral studies is to provide future newly qualified doctors of laws with good prospects for a successful career within or outside of higher education. This includes in-depth knowledge of the chosen subject in the field of research, a capacity for independent and critical thinking, proficiency in scientific methods and modes of working, an ability to identify interesting and researchable issues, teaching skills and the ability to express himself or herself well both orally and in writing, an ability to operate in an international context and an ability to understand and deal with ethical issues concerning research.

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Administrative law is a central area of public law. General administrative law encompasses issues relating to the structure of administrative organisations, decision content and procedure, such as administrative process issues, and also issues of legal security connected with handling of, and decision-making in, administrative cases. Other issues included in the area relate to municipal law and individuals’ data privacy; examples are processing of personal data, and public information access and secrecy.

Opportunity Focus Areas:

  • Law

Required Languages

Swedish or English.

Eligible Countries


Program Period

4 to 8 years

for a maximum of eight years, but no longer than the equivalent of four years of full-time doctoral research

Eligibility Requirements (Criteria)

  • In Sweden or abroad  have completed a Master of Laws degree or completed a law programme.
  • Applicants must have an adequate knowledge of Swedish or English.
  • Compelete all required documents.


Opportunity Cost

(Paid opportunity)

  • Local guidelines are established for setting the salary.

How to Apply

First Step: 

  • Project description in Swedish or English (required document)  should include
    1. the research question(s) of the proposed research
    2. the relationship between the research topic and the relevant area of research, research already undertaken in this field,
    3. a reflection upon material and method, a time plan, and the possible scientific value and contribution of the proposed project.
    4.  comprise no more than 35,000 characters including spaces (approximately ten A4-pages).
  • Popular summary in Swedish or English (required document)  must include
    1. a brief popular summary in Swedish or English,
    2. no longer than 2,000 characters including spaces.
  • CV in Swedish or English (required document)
  • Grade transcripts (required document)in Swedish or English
  • Other certificates in Swedish or English
  • Written scientific work (electronic copy of books, articles, undergraduate essays, manuscripts, etc.)
  • A statement from a potential supervisor or, alternatively,
  • A letter of recommendation or contact details for at least one reference person (e.g. university teacher or employer)
  • In order to be admitted, the applicant needs a statement from a professor or an associate professor at the Faculty of Law in Uppsala, stating that he or she is willing to supervise the proposed project.

Second Step:

Application forms for admission to doctoral studies, and employment as a doctoral student.

Please click here and here

  • Please note that those already admitted to doctoral studies must attach an updated individual study plan to the application for employment as a doctoral student.

Third Step:

  • Please use the link .
    1.Create a new account and log in to apply.

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