27 January 2019



(Paid opportunity)


Three to five Doctoral Positions in Political Science

The Department of Government in Uppsala provides a vibrant and internationally successful research environment. With approximately 60 faculty members and 40 PhD-students, we are recognized as one of the leading political science departments in the Nordic region.

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Accepted applicants will be employed as full time, salaried, doctoral students, in accordance with the local agreement in force. Employed doctoral students must primarily devote their time to their own doctoral research. Other departmental duties may also be included in the position, such as, teaching or administrative tasks, but no more than 20%. The employment will be extended for a period corresponding to the time spent on departmental work. TA requirement for employment as a doctoral student is that the applicant must have been admitted to doctoral studies.

Opportunity Focus Areas:

  • Political Science

Required Languages

Swedish and/or English

Eligible Countries


Program Period

4-5 years

Eligibility Requirements (Criteria)

  • General eligibility is possessed by anyone who has obtained a degree at advanced level, fulfilled course requirements for at least 240 ECTS points, of which at least 60 ECTS points at advanced level, or otherwise acquired equivalent knowledge in Sweden or abroad.
  • special eligibility for admission to graduate studies in political science the applicant is required to have satisfactory results on courses carrying 90 ECTS points in political science. Special eligibility is also possessed by anyone who has otherwise acquired equivalent knowledge in Sweden or abroad. More details on required

Opportunity Cost

(Paid opportunity)

  • Salary: According to local agreement for PhD students and teaching assistants.

How to Apply

First Step: 

  • The filled out application form, available here
  • CV.
  • cover letter.
    1. The letter should  contain a brief statement of intent (max 500 words), i.e. the applicant’s motives for applying.
    2. Give a brief description of the documents submitted, please list them.
    3. Indicate which piece of submitted academic work the applicant wants the committee to prioritize.
  • A maximum of two examples of the applicant’s research production (thesis, articles, reports or other texts of high scientific standard etc.).
    1. At least one of the submitted texts must have the applicant as its sole author.
    2. If a co-authored text is supplied, the applicant’s contribution must be described in an accompanying statement signed by all co-authors.
  • A reflection on the applicant’s prior research where he/she discusses its main strengths and weaknesses, theoretical and methodological challenges and choices, and the societal relevance of the work. (max. 1000 words)
  • Certified transcripts of academic records (to demonstrate qualification for admission).
  • Certification of competence in Swedish and/or English (for applicants without a degree from a Swedish university)

Second Step:

Create an account  and log in to the application form from here

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