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PhD scholarship in Environmental Regulation of in Technical University of Denmark.

Scholarship is on analysing pros and cons of existing regulation of nanomaterials and on identify legal, technical and scientific limitations when it comes to considering the formation of eco-coronas on nanomaterials.

The research combines elements of environmental engineering, materials science, policy-analysis, regulation and environmental law. The overarching context is environmental regulation and risk assessment and management of chemicals and nanomaterials in the environment.

More Details

Funded by Swedish Foundation for Strategic Environmental Research (Mistra) within the project Mistra Environmental NanoSafety Phase II. Mistra Environmental Nanosafety Phase II focuses on the fate of nanomaterials in semi-natural experimental wetland systems, at simulated realistic surface water conditions and conditions during waste handling, and how this knowledge can be implemented in nanosafety regulation.

Job description

The PhD student will be responsible for:
  • Performing a legal analysis of the pros and cons of existing regulation of nanomaterials.
  • Identify legal, technical and scientific limitations when it comes to considering the formation of eco-coronas on nanomaterials.
  • Completing a technical and scientific analysis of the technical guidance that support implementation of existing regulations.
  • Contributing to teaching in environmental regulation, management and ethics.
  • Participating in the completion of stakeholder analysis when it comes to regulation of nanomaterials.
  • Publication of innovative research findings and results in the scientific literature and presentations at international conference/meetings in English.
  • Active collaboration with other research sections/groups at DTU Environment and other departments at DTU as well as at other partners within Mistra Environmental NanoSafety Phase II.

Opportunity Focus Areas:

  • Environmental science and technology and/or law.
  • Environmental engineer.
  • Environmental planner.
  • Environmental lawyer.

Required Languages


Eligible Countries


Program Period

3 years.

Eligibility Requirements (Criteria)

  • Candidates should have a two-year master’s degree (120 ECTS points) or a similar degree with an academic level equivalent to a two-year master’s degree.
  • Background should be within environmental science and technology and/or law, preferably, environmental engineer, environmental planner, environmental lawyer or related.
  • English and English writing skills should be excellent.
  • Candidates may apply prior to obtaining their master’s degree but cannot begin before having received it.

Opportunity Cost

(Paid opportunity)

  • The appointment will be based on the collective agreement with the Danish Confederation of Professional Associations. The allowance will be agreed upon with the relevant union.

How to Apply

First Step: Prepare these documents:

  • A letter motivating the application (cover letter).
  • Curriculum vitae.
  • Grade transcripts and BSc/MSc diploma.
  • Excel sheet with translation of grades to the Danish grading system (see guidelines and Excel spreadsheet here).

Second Step: open the link “Apply online” then submit materials in English in one PDF file.

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