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Réal-Decoste Ouranos Scholarships program.

The purposes of the Réal-Decoste scholarships (created by Ouranos) are to foster student interest in research and financially assist the best candidates in undertaking or continuing a research doctorate on climate changes their expected impacts and adaptation strategies.

More Details

Réal-Decoste doctoral research scholarship is directed towards candidates, a Canadian citizen or not, who wish to undertake or continue a doctoral university program in a Quebec university, in areas related to climatic change and its impacts.

Opportunity Focus Areas:

  •  Climate sciences
  •  Applied regional climatology
  • Fields of research related to the impacts of climate changes such as:
    •  hydrology
    •  biology
    •  life sciences
    •  social sciences
  • historical data
  •  climate models
  •  oceanic and atmospheric exchanges
  •  climate scenarios
  •  analysis of climate variability
    • impacts of climate changes on:
    •  permafrost
    •  hydrology and electricity generation;
    •  forestry
    •  coastal erosion
    •  water levels
    •  agricultural production
    •  the Saint Lawrence River
    •  tourism
    •  health
    •  water management and treatment systems
    •  energy demand
    •  socio-economic assessments of impacts and adaptation strategies.

Required Languages


Eligible Countries


Program Period

Maximum of 36 months

Eligibility Requirements (Criteria)

  • Candidates must meet the following eligibility conditions as of the deadline for submitting applications.
  •  undertake or continue a doctoral program in an area or a discipline related to climatic changes or their impacts;
  •  be accepted or registered in a doctoral program in an university located in the Province of Québec;
  •  be already supervised by a research director or having an agreement with a research director accepting to supervise the doctoral research.

Opportunity Cost


  • From $20,000 $ to $60,000

How to Apply

First Step: Fill out the information required for the application form from here 

Second Step:Candidates must ensure that their application includes all the required documents so that the application file is considered acceptable.

Third Step:Yun can find the Required documents from this link

Forth Step: You also need to register an online account  and follow the registration in order to attach the information from here 

NOTE: Preselected candidates are assigned a Personal Identification Number (PIN) and a password. They must then complete an e-form to which will be attached the required documents on the webpage

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