1 February 2019


Giessen, Germany.

(Partially Funded)


Up to 8 PhD scholarships.

Giessen University’s International Graduate Centre for the Study of Culture (GCSC), co-funded from 2006-2019 by the German federal government’s Excellence Initiative, offers a three-year, structured PhD-programme in the study of culture.

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with its excellent research environment, a doctoral programme which is tailored to the needs of Ph.D. students and the intensive personal support it provides, the Graduate Centre offers doctoral researchers optimum conditions for their PhD-projects and custom-made preparation for the time thereafter, both with regard to academic and non-academic careers.

Opportunity Focus Areas:

  • Culture.

Required Languages

English, German.

Eligible Countries


Program Period

Three years.

Eligibility Requirements (Criteria)

  • We invite applications from students who graduated with excellent marks (from two-year research-track master’s programmes in one of the GCSC’s academic subjects* or  the arts/humanities, cultural studies or social sciences no longer than two years ago as well as from students who expect to obtain a first or upper second class honours M.A. degree (or the equivalent).
  • The GCSC encourages applications which make a significant contribution to the study of culture in various historical contexts, including contemporary phenomena. An international research perspective, i.e. international study experience, is an advantage.
  • The GCSC’s working languages are German and English, and applicants must be fluent in at least one of them; knowledge of both is an advantage and should be acquired during the scholarship period.
  • The GCSC focuses its research within the following Research Area

1: Cultural Memory Studies | Research Area.

2: Cultural Narratologies | Research Area.

3: Cultural Transformation and Performativity Studies | Research Area.

4: Visual and Material Culture Studies | Research Area.

5: Media and Multiliteracy Studies | Research Area.

6: Cultural Identities | Research Area.

7: Global Studies and Politics of Space | Research Area.

8: Cultures of Knowledge, Research and Education.

Opportunity Cost

(Partially Funded)

  • Includes a monthly stipend of approximately €1,468 (plus family allowances when applicable).
  • Scholarships are offered for one year with the possibility of two extensions, each of one year.
  • The GCSC supports young researchers with families: appointees with children under the age of twelve are eligible for renewals of up to four years.
  • There are no tuition fees for doctoral students at the JLU, except for an enrolment fee of approximately €300 per semester.

How to Apply

First Step: 

To apply for GCSC scholarships, you will first be asked to register on the application platform from here.

Second Step:

Please fill in and upload the following documents:

  • a 1-2 page cover letter, explaining your motives for applying at the GCSC;
  • a short abstract of your research project (approx. 500 words), including the title of your project and a brief outline of the methodology you will use;
  • a curriculum vitae.
  • two letters of recommendation provided by university professors.

Third Step:

We will notify you by 15 February if you have been selected for the second stage. If so you will be requested to submit further documents via the application platform – until 8 March :
  • Copies of your school and university diplomas
  • A dissertation-project proposal that includes an overview of the current state of research pertaining to the topic, your main research questions and methodology as well as a selected bibliography. Please make clear the extend to which your research project contributes to the GCSC’s research profile. Your proposal should not exceed 10 pages (excluding bibliography).
  • A detailed schedule describing the specific stages of your work over a period of three years
  • a digital copy of your M.A.-thesis

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