30 September 2019.



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QUT Postgraduate Research Award (QUTPRA) (International)

A scholarship for current and future postgraduate research students.The University is aiming to  build research excellence by supporting students of exceptional research potential with QUTPRAs. The number of QUTPRAs offered varies from year to year. In 2019 over 100 QUTPRA scholarships were awarded.

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Your scholarship will end when you submit your thesis, or at the end of the award’s tenure, whichever comes first.
Read the terms and conditions for this scholarship.

Opportunity Focus Areas:

Depending on the faculty you’ll be studying in, you will have to meet specific eligibility criteria.

Creative Industries Faculty.

  • Digital media, communication and culture.
  • Innovation in the performing and digital arts.
  • Sustainability and innovation in design.

Faculty of Education.

  • Childhood in changing contexts.
  • Teacher education and professional learning.
  • Literacies, language, texts and technologies.
  • STEM education.
  • Student engagement, learning and behaviour.

Faculty of Health.

  • Behavioural neuroscience and mental health.
  • Chronic conditions, including cancer.
  • Healthy lifestyles, ageing and environments.
  • Emergency care and health services.
  • Infection and injury prevention.

Faculty of Law.

  • Commercial and property law.
  • Crime and justice.
  • Health law.
  • Intellectual property and innovation law.
  • International law and global governance.

QUT Business School.

  • Accountability, regulation and governance.
  • Consumers, markets and stakeholders.
  • Economics and finance.
  • Entrepreneurship, innovation and strategy.
  • Non-profit and social enterprise.
  • Organisation and work.

Science and Engineering Faculty.

  • Chemistry, physics and mechanical engineering.
  • Civil engineering and built environment.
  • Earth environmental and biological sciences.
  • Electrical engineering and computer science.
  • Information systems.
  • Mathematical sciences.

For more information about the areas of study check here.

Required Languages


Eligible Countries


Program Period

3 years.

Eligibility Requirements (Criteria)

  • Applicant must meet the admission criteria for a PhD, which include:
    • A completed Australian Bachelor first class or second class Division A honours degree1 or equivalent, OR: A completed overseas qualification comparable to the educational level of an Australian Bachelor Degree1:
    1. With a duration of normally no less than 4 years AND•an overall GPA comparable to 5.0 on a 7-point scale (where pass = 4).
    2. Containing a significant and major thesis, dissertation, design project or creative work that has been examined by at least two examiners OR has   a grade comparable to 5.0 on a 7-point scale.
    • OR: A completed Australian Masters by Research Degree or overseas qualification comparable to the educational level of an Australian Masters Degree (by Research)4:
    • OR:A completed Australian Masters by Coursework or Professional Doctorate or overseas qualification comparable to the educational level of an  Australian Masters by Coursework or Professional Doctorate1:
    1. With greater than 25% research AND
    2. An overall GPA of at least 5.0 on a 7-point scale.
  • Applicant must apply for and be accepted into a PhD or professional doctorate.
  • This scholarship is not available for masters students.
  • QUT Postgraduate Research Award Scholarships are not Australian Government funded scholarships. Applicants and any dependents are not exempt from visa application fees under this scholarship.

Opportunity Cost

(Paid Opportunity)

You’ll receive:

  • A living allowance for three years, indexed annually ($27,596 in 2019).
  • The scholarship is for full-time students, and can be used to support living costs.
  • International students may also receive:a research degree tuition fee sponsorship.

How to Apply

First Step: Check your course information entry requirements.

for all international applicants, Check if you need to use a QUT official representative to lodge your application from here. Some agents may charge a fee.

Second Step: The international applicant needs to download the application form and email a completed copy to (

Third Step: Find a supervisor:

Each faculty has a specific process for finding a supervisor. Some faculties want to know more about your proposed research topic before you apply for your degree.

Fourth Step: Prepare a research proposal:

A research proposal is a key requirement for your research degree application. Writing a research proposal is an essential step in defining and conveying your research interests and goals. All faculties have specific guidelines for developing a research proposal. Refer to the instructions for the faculty relevant to your proposal.

Applicant must submit the Supporting documents:

  • Academic records:
    • Certified copies of your academic transcripts, award certificate, or other evidence of completion.
    • The grading scale of your university (this may be on the back page of your transcript).
    • An official English translation, if needed.
  • English language certification:
    • If you’ve completed any English language course or test to meet the English language requirements for your course, you must provide evidence.
  • CV (curriculum vitae) or resume: You can follow our guide to formatting a curriculum vitae.
    Your resume should outline your relevant research activities, including:

    • Research-related employment.
    • Research publications.
    • Other research achievements.
    • Include any documents that demonstrate proof of your research activities and abilities.
  • Employment experience: If professional experience is an entry requirement for your course, or you believe it will add to your application, you must provide statements from your employers.These statements should be on company letterhead, be signed and dated, and include:
    • Your position title and duties.
    • Whether you were employed full time, or the full-time equivalent you worked.
    • The dates you were employed.
  • Proof of residence or citizenship: Provide a certified copy of:
    • Your birth certificate.
    • Your certificate of citizenship.
    • The relevant pages of your passport.

For more information about the application process, check the link here.

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