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Northeast Forestry University Scholarship for Outstanding Foreign Students

There are three kinds of scholarships. They are scholarships for undergraduate students, scholarships for graduate students and scholarships for doctoral students. The scope of the scholarship is within 30% of the number of students at the school’s own expense.

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For the further implementation of the international management conference, to further promote the development of school education for foreign students, in accordance with the relevant requirements of the national quality certification in China to study the index system, the school decided to set up a “gold” student of Northeast Forestry University Chancellor’s Award for outstanding overseas, to encourage and support more outstanding foreign students come to school to learn, and constantly improve the school international atmosphere and international influence. The evaluation of scholarships adheres to the principle of “fair, fair, open and preferred”. The total amount of the scholarship is 300 thousand RMB per year. It is selected once a year and the difference is selected.

Specializations for studying on this opportunity:

Required Languages

English or Chinese

Eligible Countries


Program Period

 One Year

Eligibility Requirements (Criteria)

  1. Have a previous school degreee.
  2. physical and mental health, friendly, excellent in character and excellent learning students.
  3. The applicant must have a foreign nationality and hold a foreign valid passport.
  4. the top academic or professional before 30%
  5.  good performance, no violation of laws and regulations and the rules of the school Chinese behavior.
    1. The applicant did not receive scholarships from the Chinese government or other countries and organizations.

Opportunity Cost

(Partially Funded)

Three kinds of standards are set up for scholarships, which are as follows.

First class scholarship: 20 thousand yuan/school year for undergraduate students; 28 thousand yuan/school year for postgraduate students; 36 thousand yuan/school year for doctoral students.

Two scholarships: 15 thousand yuan / school year for undergraduate students; 23 thousand yuan / school year for graduate students; 31 thousand yuan / school year for doctoral students.

Three scholarships: 8 thousand yuan/school year for undergraduate students; 11 thousand yuan/school year for graduate students; 16 thousand yuan/school year for doctoral students.

How to Apply

The applicant shall submit a written scholarship application to the school in 2 copies of the application materials (Chinese or English) in accordance with the provisions of the present regulations.

Application Material

The material to be submitted by the applicant for a freshman scholarship:

  1. the application form for the scholarship of foreign students from Northeast Forestry University
  2. The freshmen who apply for school learning need to download the “scholarship application form for outstanding foreign student principals” from Northeast Forestry University on the website of the International Exchange College. After filling in, they will submit the registration materials to Northeast Forestry University International Student Affairs Office.
  3. Certificate of the highest degree. Notarized Chinese or English should be attached
  4. The original and copy of the notarized report card.
  5. The two professors or associate professors of the Graduate School recommend letters in Chinese or English.
  6. Study program for China.
  7. Photocopies of passport valid page.
  8.  Published research papers, awards, and related supporting materials.
  9. Certificate of English IELTS, TOEFL or Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) for the past two years

The materials to be submitted by the scholarship applicants who have been studied in our school:

  1. the application form for the scholarship of foreign students from Northeast Forestry University”
  2. The applicant who has studied in the school can submit the “scholarship application form for outstanding foreign student principals” of Northeast Forestry University to the Institute (Department), and will be reported to the International Student Affairs Office after being examined by the Institute.
  3. Transcripts issued by the Department of education or graduate school.
  4. Recommendation letter from 3. colleges or tutors.
  5. Students’ recommendation letter (about 500 words / words).
  6. Research papers, awards and related supporting materials published during the period of school.

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