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Win a Prize up to £10,000 From Wildlife Artist of the Year Competition 2019

Deadline: 18th February 2019. Location: Online. (Award)

Erasmus+ Mundus Image Processing and Computer Vision Joint Master’s 2019

Deadline: 28 January 2019 Location: Bordeaux, France Budapest, Hungary Madrid, Spain (Partially Funded)

Wellcome Sanger Institute Prize Competition 2019

Deadline: Entries should be submitted online by 5pm UK GMT, 21st December 2018. Location: Online & three-month internship at the Wellcome Sanger Institute (UK). (Prize /Fully Funded)

Paid Postdoctoral Fellowship in Computer Science in Netherlands

Deadline: 25 November 2018. Location: Netherlands. (Paid)

LSA Manoogian Postdoctoral Fellowship for International Students in USA, 2019

Deadline: January 15, 2019. Location: USA. (Paid Opportunity)

PhD Position in Artificial intelligence at The University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG), Netherlands 2019

Deadline: November 25, 2018. Location: Groningen, Netherlands. (Paid Opportunity)

New York Times Fellowship Program 2019 for Journalists in the United States

Deadline: 11:59 p.m., New York time on November 19, 2018. Location: USA. (Paid opportunity)

Postdoctoral Research for Fellowship Program in Social Sciences 2019-2020, USA

Deadline: January 4, 2019. Location: USA. (Paid Opportunity)

EXPLAIN-yCRC Postdoctoral Fellowship at UBC’s Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences in Canada, 2019

Deadline: Applications will be accepted until the position is filled. Location: Canada. (Paid Opportunity)

Travel around Europe as an Ambassador for Europe on Track Project 2019

Deadline: 20th November 23:59h CET (Brussels time). Location:  14 countries in Europe, starting point of the routes (Istanbul, Turkey),  the final stop (Brussels, Belgium). (Partially Funded)

Beahrs Environmental Leadership Program (ELP) at the UC Berkeley 2019

Deadline: December 10, 2018. Location: USA. (Partially Funded)

3 Months Travel and Internship Programme in Software Development in South Africa, 2019

  Deadline: 1 December 2018 Location: Cape Town, South Africa (Partially Funded)

Win 500,000 yen in Cash From Nikon Photo Contest 2018-2019

Deadline: 31st January 2019. Location: Online. (Award)

Internship opportunity with Salary to work with the European Climate Foundation in Belgium 2019

Deadline: As soon as possible, open now  Location: Brussels, Belgium (internship)

Holland Scholarship to Study Master degree in Netherlands 2019

Deadline: 1 February 2019 (23:59 CET) Location: Netherlands (Partially Funded)

Oportunity to study Master degree in Science from the SLU University in Sweden 2019

Deadline: January 15, 2019, 1 PM Location: Uppsala, Sweden (Partially Funded)

Trinity Studentship to Undertake a PhD in Theology, Uk 2019

Deadline: 11 January , 2019 Noon (12:00) GMT. Location: United Kingdom (UK) (Award/Prize)

The Hollond-Whittaker Studentship To Get A PhD in Law at the University of Cambridge 2019

Deadline: 11 January, 2019 Noon (12:00) GMT. Location: The United Kingdom (Award/ Prize)

Trinity Studentship to Undertake Research in Mathematics at The University of Cambridge 2019

Deadline: 11 January 2019 by 12:00 noon (GMT) on Friday. Location: The United Kingdom (UK) (Fully Funded)

Win a Prize Worth £3.500 From Ashurst Emerging Artist Prize 2019

Deadline: 10th February 2019 11:59 pm GMT/London Time. Location: Online. (Award)

Paid Postdoctoral Fellowship in Biomolecular Sciences in Netherlands

Deadline: 25 November 2018. Location: Netherlands. (Paid)

Win Grant Funding from Google for applying Artificial Intelligence for social good

Deadline:  22 January 2019 (1:59:59 pm PST) Location: Online. (Prize)

Paid PhD Fellowships in Several Fields in Norway

Deadline: 1 December 2018. Location: Norway. (Paid)

Paid PhD Fellowship in Cancer Biology in Denmark

Deadline: November 22, 2018. Location: Denmark. (Paid)

Paid Postdoctoral Fellowship in Entrepreneurship in Finland

Deadline: 15 November, 2018. Location: Finland. (Paid)

Paid Postdoctoral Research Fellowships in Physics and Mathematics in England

Deadline: 19 December 2018. Location: England. (Paid)

Paid PhD fellowship in Science Education in Denmark

Deadline: 13 December 2018. Location: Denmark. (Paid)