January 15, 2020


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College of Europe – Scholarships for university graduates coming from European Neighbourhood Policy countries

The College of Europe offers a large number of scholarships to university graduates coming from European Neighbourhood Policy countries for post-graduate studies at the College of Europe during the academic year 2020-2021.

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The academic programmes of Bruges and Natolin (Warsaw) provide students with a specialized grounding in the European dimension of their fields of study as well as an in-depth understanding of Europe in all its complexity. The one-year programme lasts from September until the end of June, and to be awarded the accredited Master, students must take oral and written examinations at the end of each semester as well as submit a Master’s thesis.
The student body – around 340 students in Bruges and 130 students in Natolin (Warsaw) – reflects a real diversity of culture and personal experience.

Opportunity Focus Areas:

  • Economics.
  • Business.
  • Management.
  • Finance.
  • International Affairs.
  • Law.
  • Political science.
  • Politics
  • Philosophy.
  • Geography.
  • Linguistics.
  • Journalism.
  • Diplomatic studies.
  • History.
  • European studies.
  • Social science.

Required Languages

English and French.

Eligible Countries


Program Period

one academic year.

  • The “College Formula” ensures that, for 10 months, students live and follow together an intensive programme in a challenging and highly stimulating educational environment – which truly prepares them to live and work in an increasingly integrated Europe.

Eligibility Requirements (Criteria)

  • All applicants to the College of Europe must hold a relevant university degree.
  • Admission to the College of Europe requires either a Bologna Master’s degree, or a pre-Bologna equivalent degree, or a final university degree and at least 240 ECTS credits acquired in the course of one’s university studies.
  •  Holders of a Bachelor degree are also eligible provided they demonstrate strong qualification in relation to the academic programme for which they apply.
  • You may already apply in your last year of your university studies. The copy of the degree has to be sent upon graduation. Your admission would, in that case, be conditional.
  • Candidates should be interested in approaching the process of European integration from a broad and multidisciplinary perspective.
  • Graduates with degrees in other disciplines (including natural sciences, engineering etc.) who demonstrate a high academic level and a keen interest in EU affairs are also accepted.
  • Graduates should have the language Requirements, check the accepted Language Tests and Diplomas here.

Opportunity Cost

(Fully Funded)

  • These scholarships cover academic expenses, accommodation, meals and travel costs.

How to Apply

First Step: Create an account here and then check the  application instructions.

Second Step: Complete the online application and submit the following information/documents:

  • Title of degree(s) already obtained: start and end date.
  • Title of degree(s) to be obtained: start and end date.
  • Other academic activities.
  • Professional experience: type, employer, start and end date, job title
  • Language knowledge  level see language requirements pages
  • Motivation (max 600 words)
  • Interest in and experience with EU and Transatlantic Affairs (max 600 words) – for MATA applicants only!
  • Names and e-mail addresses of 2 professors (who taught you at university and can assess your performance) in order for you to send a reference request to them via the online application system.
  • CV in Europass format.
  • Copy of your university degree(s).
  • Transcript(s) from your University, Faculty, School, detailing results for every year of your studies and grades obtained.
  • Erasmus studies: mention your Erasmus experience as a separate ‘degree’.
  • Passport or national identity card.
  • Passport photo.


  • Please upload your documents in PDF format only (JPG and PNG only when specified).
  • Preselected candidates will be invited for an interview with the Professors/assistants of the department(s) they have applied for.
  • The final decisions on admission and scholarships will be taken after all interviews of the candidates from the ENP countries. Candidates will be contacted by e-mail.
  • Additional letters, including professional references, can also always be uploaded additionally.

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