31 October 2019.


United Arab of Emirates.



Sharjah Prize for Doctoral Dissertations in Management Sciences in Arab World.

We announce that nominations for the 18th edition of the award are now open until  31 October 2019 regarding the dissertations approved during the period from  May 2017 to April 2019.

More Details

The Secretariat of Sharjah Award for Best Doctoral Dissertations in the Administrative Sciences in the Arab region in cooperation with Arab Administrative Development Organization (ARADO) and under the sponsorship of His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan Al Qassimi, it has been announced and paved the way in front of the scientific researchers in order to be awarded the Sharjah Award for the Doctoral Dissertations in the Administrative Sciences, in the Arab region, in a ceremony to be held on an annual basis for celebrating the winners.

Opportunity Focus Areas:

  • Administration:
    General Administration
    Business Management
    Administrative Law
    Management information systems
  • Finance:
    Public Finance
    Administrative economy
    Financial Information Systems

Required Languages

English and Arabic.

Eligible Countries


Eligibility Requirements (Criteria)

    • The university granting the doctorate degree should be an accredited university.
    • The dissertation topic should be original and non-tackled previously to obtain any scientific degree.
    • The dissertation should be based on a sound scientific methodology and viably applicable as a field study.
    • The research community should be co-related to one of the Arab countries.
    • The dissertation findings should be convincing and have positive return on improving services and achieving public benefits.
    • The dissertation findings and recommendations should be of benefit when they are being applied in the Arab organizations.
    • Enlisting dissertation must have been approved not later than two years from submitting date to the award nomination.
    • The dissertation should be written in Arabic or in English, with a sufficient well- structured abstract in Arabic, according to the report framework of the award.

Opportunity Cost


The best Doctoral dissertation in Administrative and financial sciences

Divided into three categories:

  • First winner: 10,000 dollars, in addition to an Appreciation Certificate and trophy
  • Second winner: 6,000 dollars, in addition to an Appreciation Certificate and trophy.
  • The third winner: 4,000 dollars, in addition to an Appreciation certificate and trophy.

How to Apply

First step:

A hard copy of the nominated dissertation should be submitted together, with a comprehensive report, in accordance with, the framework highlighted in the award application form on the website. (To download the application, please click)

Second step:

3 electronic copies of dissertation should be submitted together with the comprehensive report on CDs/ Flash memories, (word document file), however, the PDFs shall not be acceptable، The electronic or hard copies shall not be returned after announcing the winners

Third step:

Filling in the application form means approving the availability of the hard copy of the dissertation in ARADO library and providing the Arabic Management Portal (Ibda’a) with the electronic copy

Fourth step:

  • The dissertation (hard copy) shall be sent attached with 3 CDs/ Flash memories.
  • The CD/ flash memory shall include:
  1. An electronic copy of dissertation in a word document file conforming to the hard copy of dissertation.
  2. Copy of the Ph.D. degree certificate.
  3. Copy of the passport.
  4. Report framework.

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