February 24, 2020


Washington, DC, USA

(Fully Funded)


2020 Summer Honors Program

The American Enterprise Institute’s Summer Honors Program is an intensive, professional development opportunity in Washington, DC, for top undergraduate students. Participants in the program have the chance to connect with the ideas, research, and network of AEI, one of America’s preeminent policy think tanks.


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The program gathers students from diverse ideological backgrounds for substantive dialogue and debate about the most pressing issues facing the country and world.The core feature of the program is discussion-based seminars that offer participants forums to delve deeply into policy areas of their choice.

Opportunity Focus Areas:

  • Policy.
  • Economics.

2020 Summer Honors Program Courses

June 1-5

The Constitution: Original Meanings and Modern Times

with John Yoo

Understanding the Middle East Challenge

with Michael Rubin

Christianity, National Identity, and America’s Role in the World: Rival Interpretations

with Paul Miller | Initiative on Faith & Public Life 

Renewing America’s Social Fabric: Faith, Community, and Public Policy

with Ryan Streeter | Initiative on Faith & Public Life 

June 8-12

War & Decision-Making

with Frederick Kagan

The Building Blocks of Human Flourishing

with Charles Murray

Liberal Education in an Age of Distraction

 with Elizabeth Corey & David Corey | Initiative on Faith & Public Life

International Economic Development: Why Institutions Matter

 with Stephen Smith | Initiative on Faith & Public Life

June 15-19

China’s Military and the Balance of Power in Asia

with Oriana Skylar Mastro

K-12 Education: The Foundation of American Society, Economy, and Democracy

with Michael McShane

Health Care in America: Balancing Coverage, Quality, and Affordability

with James Capretta

Freedom, Progress, and Tradition

with Yuval Levin

June 22-26

Democratic Capitalism: Principles & Practices

with Michael Strain

A Poverty and Welfare Policy Agenda for the 21st Century

with Brent Orrell

Are Markets Moral? In Search of a Humane Economy

 with Mary Hirschfeld | Initiative on Faith & Public Life

Visions of Christianity in Public Life: Retreat, Assimilation, or Transformation?

with Kevin den Dulk | Initiative on Faith & Public Life

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Eligible Countries


Program Period

Most students will participate in a single one-week course at the beginning of Summer 2020. A select group of students will participate in a five-week opportunity from May 27 – June 26, 2020.

Eligibility Requirements (Criteria)

  • Current undergraduates & recent graduates (winter 2019 or later). International students are eligible to apply.
  • Previous Summer Honors Program participants are not eligible.

Opportunity Cost

(Fully Funded)

Admitted participants will receive a $1250 stipend, As well as the program covers:Housing, meals on class days, stipends and travel vouchers are all provided.

How to Apply

First Step: you will be asked to provide your Resume, Cover letter and unofficial transcript in PDF format and a writing sample if wishing to apply for summer honors Academy.

Second Step:Fill in All sections of this application here.

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