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E-learning experience survey - Marj3
The E-learning scene has been witnessing a massive revolution recently. Many platforms, applications and services are developed and used by educational organizations to deliver various E-learning schemes. As a part of our role to enhance your learning experience, we are always keen to listen to your feedback. We highly appreciate that you take this 3 min survey to share with us your unique experience.
Which matches you the most?pick one!
When will you graduate?pick one!
Which best describes your learning option?pick one!
How are you pursuing your education in the current situation?Select all that apply
Do you attend/join online courses (videos-live)?pick one!
What kind of online courses do you take?pick one!
What is the field of the courses you take?(Select all that apply)
In which language(s) do you take your courses?Select all that apply
Why do you take courses in language(s) other than Arabic?Choose the most suitable reason
Which is your favotrie learning option?pick one!
Which of the following makes you prefer online learning?Select all that apply
What are your main concerns with online/distance learning?Select all that apply
Which factor of the following affects you the most while selecting an online course?pick one!
Which delivery way you prefer for online courses/sessions?pick one!
What kind of online courses you usually attend?pick one!
Do you plan to continue studying after graduation?pick one!
Do you plan to study degree program in the future?pick one!
How interested would you be in studying your next degree online?pick one!
Which device you use the most while attending online sessions/courses?pick one!
While attending online session/course, Ipick one!
How many hours per week do you spend on internet for online learning?pick one!
Rate your experience with your online learning so far?
How do you know about this survey?pick one!

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