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 Katara prize for Arabic Novel

The Katara Prize for Arabic Fiction is an annual award launched by the General Organization for Cultural District – Katara at the beginning of 2014, and the Foundation manages it and provides support, support and full supervision through a committee to manage the award appointed for this purpose.

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The award aims to consolidate the presence of distinguished Arab novels Arab and international, and to encourage and appreciate the creative Arab novelists to move forward towards wider horizons of creativity and excellence, which will lead to raising the level of interest and interest in reading the Arabic novel and increasing cultural and knowledge awareness. The Katara Prize is committed to upholding the values ​​of independence, transparency and integrity during the selection process for candidates, it also translates the work of the winners into English and French, publishing and marketing unpublished novels, as well as opening the door to competition for publishers and novelists alike.

Opportunity Focus Areas:

  • The first category: novels published Arabic.
  • The second category: novels unpublished Arabic.
  • Category third category: studies (research and criticism novelist).
  • The fourth category: novels boys unpublished.
  • The fifth category of: country novel.

Required Languages


Eligible Countries

All Countries

Program Period

9 months

The “Katara Awards for Arabic Fiction” distribution ceremony will be held on October 12 of each year, which coincides with the International Day of the Arabic Novel, and the results will be announced.

Eligibility Requirements (Criteria)

  • No member of the arbitration committees has the right to run for the award unless after one session has passed for the category in which he participates.
  • The award opens the door to competition between leading novelists and publishers, as well as to novelists who have not been able to publish their novels and literary productions.
  • The author can participate by himself in the category of published novels without consulting the publishing house. The publishing house is also entitled to share the author’s account.
  • The award does not accept works translated or written in languages ​​other than Arabic.
  • The novel should be directed to the category of boys (who are young or young), i.e. between the ages of 12 and 20 years. The number of the words of the novel shall not be less than 12 thousand words and not more than 40 thousand words. It is not required in the narration of the nominated boys about certain subjects.
  • The text of the novel is uploaded via the website in the space provided below the nomination form in one of the following formats: Pdf / doc / docx.

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Opportunity Cost


  • The first category novels published Arabic : offering five prizes to the winners through their participation or nominations publishing houses, and in which each feature gets published text on the winner of a cash prize of $ 60 thousand US, bringing the total awards for this category of US $ 300 thousand.
  • The second category novels unpublished Arabic : provide five awards for novels that have not been published, each worth 30 thousand US dollars, for a total of 150 thousand US dollars.
  • Category III studies (research and criticism novelist) : provides five awards for unpublished studies, each worth 15 thousand US dollars, for a total of US $ 75 thousand.
  • The fourth category novels boys unpublished : offer five awards for novels boys unpublished, each worth 10 thousand US dollars, for a total of 50 thousand US dollars.
  • The fifth category of country novel : Progress Award and one Qatari novel published, worth US $ 60 thousand.
  • The Katara Prize for Arabic Fiction will provide the following benefits for winning novels and studies:
      • Printing and marketing winning novels that have not been published.
      • Translate winning novels into English, print and market them.
      • Printing and marketing winning studies.
      • Printing and marketing winning unpublished novels of boys.

How to Apply

First Step:

Select a category to run for the award:

Second Step:

Read the terms and mechanisms for candidacy.

Third Step:

Click on “Fill in the Form” and fill in the required information.

Fourth Step:

Download the required files for each category.

Fifth Step:

Send the order.


  • All participants are requested to fill in the form of the novelist attached to the participation form, to add your information, on the Katara Prize for Arabic Novel – Directory of Arab Novelists.

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