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Indonesia Free Volunteering – Gardening & Nature Building

Come enjoy Indonesia Free Volunteering, We care for nature and also love art. We have several programs working with our friend in a caring organization. We do some projects with nature – like residential development (like Eco house), and gardening, and teaching English. hopefully there are some volunteers who come to help us with our projects.

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Our wish is that the volunteers are happy to contribute to the project – the ideas they bring,If you have any gardening knowledge to share or seeds that will grow in tropical climates (summer crops) please bring them along. We would love to grow an international garden

The working day starts when you are ready (after coffee and breakfast) and goes until you have finished your project (which may take days that’s OK too). When it’s too hot – a swim in the river is always fun and cools you down. The project is going on the whole day while taking turns and with a lot of small coffee breaks. At the moment all meals are shared.

Specializations for studying on this opportunity:

  • Gardening
  • Education

Required Languages


Eligible Countries


Program Period

 16 days minimum

Eligibility Requirements (Criteria)

  • Be able to work 25 hours a weak
  • We are all working 5 hours per day and have two days off per week.
  • Be able to cover his flight tickets and travel insurance

Opportunity Cost

(Partially Funded)

what’s included?

Free accommodation: We all will live in a natural home like a tree house.

Single Private

Food: Full Board

 We are preparing and eating the food together as well as going to the local market to buy the ingredients, which is a nice trip! The preparation of the food is a great chance to learn the Indonesian cooking methods


What’s not included:

Flights and pocket money

Volunteering Travel Insurance: we always recommend that you have adequate travel insurance in place before you travel overseas.

Transport: closest airport: Sultan Hasanuddin International Airport (UPG) from there, you can take the big bus that goes to Palopo, I’ll be waiting for you at the bus station at Palopo.

And the fees of creating an account on helpstay which costs 20 Euros per person for 1 year membership


How to Apply

First Step: 

Click on Apply now bottom

Create a new account on helpstay wich will cost you 20 Euros per person for 1 year membership

Second Step:

Send them a message

Third Step:

Wait for response

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