• Phase 1 Competition Deadline: September 24 (Monday), 2018

• Phase 2 Competition Deadline: December 28 (Friday), 2018






Wikitopia International Competition

Wikitopia is an ambitious, cross-disciplinary research project, the goal of which is to realize technologically-enhanced future cities that can be continuously edited and improved by citizens like the online encyclopedia Wikipedia. Primarily funded by the Japanese government (Japan Science and Technology Agency MIRAI Program), the project is an international collaboration between multiple organizations and individuals spread across Japan and the US.

Specializations for studying on this opportunity:

  • Architecture
  • Urban design
  • Engineering
  • Science
  • Fine arts
  • Activism
  • Computer Science

Required Languages


Eligible Countries


Eligibility Requirements (Criteria)

  • There are no restrictions regarding age, nationality, professional status, etc. Both individuals and groups (with one individual serving as the group leader) are encouraged to participate;
  • There are no limits regarding the number of submissions by a single individual/group.

Opportunity Cost

Prize :

Winner (1 entry): 500K yen (approx. 4600USD)

Finalists (2~3 entries): 100K yen (approx. 920USD)

Honorable Mentions (4~5 entries): 50K yen (approx. 460USD)

How to Apply

Please create a PDF file that conforms to the following set of requirements, and upload the file before the deadline by following the instructions on the Submission Page. (The submission process is identical for both Phase 1 and Phase 2 Competitions.)

1: File name must be [Last Name]_[Entry Name] (Example: Jones_NiceChair.pdf). In case of a group submission, please use the last name of the group leader.

2: File size must not exceed 100MB.

3: Please describe your idea using text, images, etc. laid out on either one or two horizontal sheets (A3 size: 420mm x 297mm), and combine all sheets into a single PDF file.

4: All text within the sheets must be written in either English or Japanese. Japanese text should preferably be supplemented by English translations.

5: The [Entry Name] must be included in the upper-left corner of each sheet.

6: Somewhere on the first sheet, please include a summary text of maximum 150 words English, or 300 characters Japanese (preferably supplemented by an English translation) that concisely explains your idea.

7: Somewhere on the first sheet, please include a square (width/height ratio = 1:1) image that can serve as the representative image of your idea.

8: All text within the sheets must be large enough to be legible when printing the sheets on A3 size (420mm x 297mm) paper.

9: Aside from the file name, please DO NOT include any personal information (e.g., names, affiliations) on any of the sheets that can identify individuals involved with the submission.

10: Aside from the aforementioned requirements, there are no other restrictions regarding the design of the sheets.

11: Files uploaded after the deadline will not be considered.

12: When uploading the file, we will ask you to enter personal information and also the metadata regarding your submission.

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