20 September 2019





Innovative solutions to reduce the maintenance cost of public lighting in cities

Enel believes that innovation is indivisible from sustainability and research of most effective and sustainable technologies requires a constant and focused effort. Enel is seeking solutions to reduce the cost of maintenance of public lighting systems.

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Enel would like to optimize the costs of construction, operation and maintenance of the street public lighting (intended as a complex system consisting of an electrical panel and its components, i.e. lines, supports, arms and lighting bodies). For this particular Challenge, the Solver should focus on technologies/best practices that can reduce maintenance costs or man-hours of maintenance activities.

Opportunity Focus Areas:

  • Electricity
  • Technology
  • Engineering/Design
  • Physical Sciences

Required Languages


Eligible Countries


Eligibility Requirements (Criteria)

– Anyone can participate in this Challenge, but the Seeker is especially interested in solutions from maintainers in the electricity sector.

– The innovative solution must be able to be applied to usual O&M activities such as those in Table 1(attached) or equivalent.
– The innovative solution must reduce the cost / the intervention time of the single maintenance activity of public lighting.
– Solutions connected to “remote control systems” are to be excluded as well as everything that cannot be quantified from an economic point of view and man-hours “avoided”. It is a preference of the Seeker to target subcontractor maintenance activities.
– Any best practices have to be verified and documented. (not just an “idea”)
– Solutions should provide technology to reduce the cost services.

– Solutions should have a global context (that is, they would be transferable to different parts of the world).
– All solutions must be safe and comply with any local regulations and be sustainable environmentally and economically.
– Solutions should support Enel’s commitment on SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) with specific emphasis on SDG9 and SDG11.
– The proposed technology should offer Enel “freedom to practice” or be available for potential licensing. There should be no third party patent art preventing the use of specific equipment and materials for their commercial application.

In addition, the following qualities are highly desired but not required:

– Easy installation.
– Reasonable investment costs.
– Existing commercial solution (or minimally at a pilot/demonstration stage)

Opportunity Cost


  • $10,000 USD

How to Apply

First Step: Create an account.

Second Step: Submit your solution that meets the above requirements.

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