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International TRT Documentary Awards.

International TRT Documentary Awards is an annual documentary festival organised by Turkish Radio&TV Corporation. Its aim is to support the amateur and professional documentary film makers, to enable audiences to view documentary films from various countries and to form the grounwork where documentary film-makers will meet and exchange their ideas.

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The TRT Documentary Awards has been organized to support amateur and professional documentary film-makers; contribute to the development and popularization of the documentary film genre; enable audiences to view several and high quality documentary films from various countries, and in the long term, form the groundwork where worldwide documentary film-makers will meet and exchange their ideas.

Opportunity Focus Areas:

  • Documentary Films.

Required Languages

Turkish and/or English.

Eligible Countries


Program Period

  • The 12 th edition of the event will be held in June 4 – 8, 2020.
  • The pre-selection results will be announced on April 6, 2020.

Eligibility Requirements (Criteria)

  • Works apart from this genre, such as TV programs, promotional films, etc., which do not have any artistic concerns, and films which cannot be evaluated as being within the concept of cinematic art shall not be accepted in the competition.
  •  Films which are completely fictional or of the animated genre etc., and have elements of documentary genre in them to support the narrative cannot enter the competition; however, dramatic documentaries and docu-dramas which are entirely documentary films but include fictional, experimental or animated elements in them to support the narrative may enter the competition.
  •  Documentaries which are produced in compliance with the technical format of TV broadcasting (mxf, mov, mp4 etc., full HD) may enter the competition.
  •  Documentaries produced after January 01, 2019 may enter the competition. Documentaries that entered TRT Documentary Awards on previous occasions cannot enter this year’s edition of the competition.
  • Documentary films which previously entered national or international competitions, other than TRT Documentary Awards, and received awards can enter this competition. However, this participation shall not constitute an obstacle to transfer of rights stipulated to be transferred to TRT and outlined in Article 10 of this Conditions Required for the Competition.
  • Documentaries produced as a “Series” may enter this competition with only one episode that reflects the series as a whole.
  • Participants may enter the competition with more than one documentary film in the same category.
  • Documentary film makers participating in the National Category of this competition are required to be Turkish citizens. Film makers who are citizens of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus may also compete in this category.
  • Documentary films that do not comply with the current broadcasting laws of the Republic of Turkey and with the European Convention on Transfrontier Television, as well as documentaries that offend any nation, country and religion or spread propaganda, support violence, war, drug use or pornography and praise any form of fanaticism, and contain promotional elements cannot enter the competition. If such films enter the competition, they will not be evaluated.
  • The members of RTÜK (the Supreme Board of Radio and Television of Turkey), the Chairman and members of TRT’s Executive Board and Deputy Directors General (as long as they retain their positions at TRT), full or alternate members named to be in the Selection Committee, all TRT employees involved/not involved in the organization of the Competition, their spouses and the companies they own, as well as their first degree relatives cannot enter the competition, and cannot contribute to or support films during their production. In case these terms are found to be violated, concerned films will be excluded from the Competition. If those films have been deemed of any prize, they will be withdrawn.
  • Documentaries produced or co-produced by TRT or produced for TRT cannot enter this competition.

Note: The TRT Documentary Awards is held in two main categories, namely National and International competitions.

  • National Category:

1- Student Films Category :

  • The participation in Student Films Category is limited exclusively to those who are students at the production date of the film.
  • The participants shall document their student status at the time of application.
  • The length of documentary films that enter the National Competition in the Student Films Category must be a minimum of 15 and a maximum of 60 minutes.

 2- Professional Films Category:

  • The length of documentary films that enter the National Competition in the Professional Category must be a minimum of 20 minutes.

International Category:

  • The length of documentary films that enter the International Competition must be a minimum of 25 minutes.
  • The language of the International Category Competition is English. If documentary films that enter the International Competition are in languages other than English or feature different languages than English, an English dubbed or subtitled copy shall be submitted to the Competition.

Opportunity Cost

(Prize/ Award)

1- National Competition:
A)Student Films Category:

  • Best Documentary Award: 25.000 ₺ (Twenty five thousand Turkish Liras)
  • Special Prize : 20.000 ₺ (Twenty thousand Turkish Liras)
  • Special Prize : 15.000 ₺ (Fifteen thousand Turkish Liras)

B)Professional Category:

  • Best Documentary Award : 50.000 ₺ (Fifty thousand Turkish Liras)
  • Special Prize : 40.000 ₺ (Forty thousand Turkish Liras)
  • Special Prize : 30.000 ₺ (Thirty thousand Turkish Liras)
  • 2- International Competition:
  • Best Documentary Award : 10.000 € (Ten thousand Euros)
  • Special Prize : 7.500 € (Seven thousand five hundred Euros)
  • Special Prize : 5.000 € (Five thousand Euros)

How to Apply

First Step: sign up on the official website from here .

Second Step: Go to “online application” , fill the application and choose the category you would like to apply for.

Note: Participants are allowed to compete only in one category with the same film.

Note: for those who wants to apply for Student Films category should provide Student Certificate for those who submit their applications for the Student Films Category in the National Competition.

Third Step: submit the application and prepare the following materials when you are shortlisted.

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