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Arab Competition for Theatrical Scientific Research.

Recognizing the importance of working to provide climate of studies and scientific research in order to develop the theater and to approach the main slogan of the body “Towards a new and renewed Arab theater”, the Secretariat has set a goal of its work and plans, interest in science and its role in The development of the theater, by organizing an Arab competition for theatrical scientific research, and to further activate the development, the theater youth were singled out by limiting the participation of researchers until the age of thirty-five, where competition will be in presenting the new and sober of these researches mainly for future development studies. From here, the Arab Theater Authority will launch the fourth edition of the Arab competition for theatrical scientific research. It looks at the previous three versions in the calendar and the audit in order to reach the levels of research is solid and renewed.

More Details

It is an annual competition organized by the Arab Theatre Commission for young Arab theatrical researchers up to the age of 35, within the controls of its annual announcement.

Opportunity Focus Areas:

  •  Research.

Required Languages


Eligible Countries


Program Period

From July to December 2019..

Competition Dates:

  • The competition will be announced in April 2019.
  • Entries will begin in early July 2019.
  • Application deadline expires in early September 2019.
  • The results of the winners will be announced in early December 2019. These results will be called the names of the researchers whose research has been ranked as the best of three. The seminar will be held during the twelfth session of the Arab Theater Festival in January 2020.

Eligibility Requirements (Criteria)

Search Terms:

  • At least 5000 words and not more than 10,000 words, in Arabic.
  • The research should not be published.
  • The research should not be part of university research, master’s thesis, doctoral dissertation, or advance for scientific promotion before or during the competition.
  • The research should consider the following scientific criteria:
  • The research should be based on the general orientation of the 2019 competition, which is defined as “cultural problem in the Arab theater scene” – building creative forms in the light of cultural specificity.
  • Insistence, innovation and subtraction.
  • A clear definition of the problem on which the research is based.
  • Launching of new and accurate inputs.
  • Ending with a corresponding or paradoxical output of the hypothesis to constitute a qualitative addition to previous knowledge.
  • The existence of a frame of reference that defines the application of concepts and terminology with procedural precision.
  • Exploring the scientific secretariat in dealing with human intellectual achievement.
    Adopt a clear approach to research.
  • The researcher is familiar with the problem he is dealing with in terms of his knowledge of the above studies.
  • The end of the research to the building of procedural tools to apply its results on the issues of the Arab.
  • The correct, complete and systematic documentation of the bibliographies is sound and qualitative, in Arabic and the original source language.
  • Respect all Arabic grammar in writing and punctuation.
  • Directing the research in a harmonious and beautiful suit in honor of the Arab recipient and researcher.
  • The researcher should sign the following statement of approval and attach it to the joint research.

Opportunity Cost


The Arab Theater Authority awards three prizes for the best three researches:

  • The first is $ 5,000.
  • The second is $ 4,000.
  • The third is 3 thousand dollars.

How to Apply

First Step: Take in your consideration all the conditions in the Ad.

Second Step: The research is attached, his passport photo is colored , his CV, a copy of the scientific certificate, and a modern colored selfie.

Third Step: The search is sent in the form of ِArial 14 to this Mail

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