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Felix Schoeller Photo Award

The Felix Schoeller Photo Award aims to foster high-quality photography and contemporary photographic design. The competition comprises five themed categories and the special categories “German Peace Prize for Photography” and “Best Work by an Emerging Photographer”.

More Details

The Felix Schoeller Photo Award is one of the highest prize-value photographic competitions in the German-language regions. The award honors works that clearly illustrate a love of photography and exceptionally stringent demands on picture quality. As a manufacturer of special papers for high-quality photographic reproductions, the aim of the award is to honor and lend support to photographers who share the passion for uncompromisingly good photography. The Felix Schoeller Photo Award is presented every two years.

Professional photographers may submit their work in the five categories:

  • Portrait Photography
  • Landscape/Nature Photography
  • Fashion Photography
  • Photojournalism/Editorial Photography
  • Freestyle / Conceptional Photography
  • Special Category: (German Peace Prize for Photography – Best Work by an Emerging Photographer)

Opportunity Focus Areas:

  • Photography

Required Languages


Eligible Countries


Program Period

About 5 months.

  • Application deadline 31 May 2019.
  • Names of the shortlist will be published by 3 September 2019.
  • Names of the nominees will be published by 9 September 2019.
  • The winners will be announced by 20 October 2019.

Eligibility Requirements (Criteria)

  • The Felix Schoeller Photo Award addresses two groups of entrants:
    1- professional photographers and film creators, photographic designers and artists who earn the majority of their livelihood (more than 50%) with photography or film creation.
    2- Emerging photographers who are currently studying for a degree or undergoing professional training, as well as photographic assistants.
  • All entrants, whether professional or emerging photographers, must be at least 18 years of age at the time of submitting their entry.
  • This competition is only open to natural persons.
  • This competition is not open to legal persons such as companies, associations or clubs.
  • In all categories, work can be submitted by individual photographers or teams of photographers. In the event of work being submitted by a team of photographers, each team member must fulfill the first and second eligibility requirement.
  • Series published for the first time in identical form and content more than two years before the date of submission may not be entered in the competition.

Opportunity Cost


  • All entrants whose work is nominated will receive a certificate and their nominated work will be published.
  • The winners in each of the themed categories will receive a cash prize of €2,000.
  • The overall competition winner (“Best of Show”) will also receive the Felix Schoeller Photo Award in Gold. The cash prize for this is an additional €10,000.
  • The winner in the special category “German Peace Prize for Photography” will receive a cash prize of €10,000.
  • The winner in the special category “Best Work by an Emerging Photographer” will receive the Emerging Photographer Award. The winner of this award receives a cash prize of €5,000.

How to Apply

First Step: Complete the compulsory fields in the application

Second Step:

  • A minimum of three and a maximum of five individual photos must be uploaded for each entry. These can be unrelated individual photos or form a series.
  • All entries must be submitted digitally, irrespective of the capture format.
  • Only high-resolution files (longest side of images at least 4,000 pixels and file size not exceeding 50 MB) will be accepted. Permissible file formats are JPEG with maximum quality or TIFF files with LZW lossless compression and without additional layers.

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