31 December 2019





المسابقـة الأدبيـة المركزيـة عـام (2019 /2020م) دورة الأديب الراحل، فؤاد حجازى.

The General Organization of Culture Palaces is pleased to invite writers, researchers and talented people from new generations to participate in the Central Literary Competition for 2019/2020.

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The General Organization of Culture Palaces is the entity that has ensured the Egyptians since its establishment as a “popular university” to spread the culture among the people, activate the cultural movement in the governorates, foster the spirit of research and innovation, adopt the new ideas and encourage liberal studies.

Fields of the Competition:

  •  الرواية
  • المجموعة القصصية
  • ديوان شعر الفصحى
  • ديوان شعر العامية
  • الدراسات النقدية أدب الطفل (القصة القصيرة)

Required Languages

Arabic Language.

Eligible Countries


Eligibility Requirements (Criteria)

General Conditions:

– The contestant must be Egyptian.
– The age of the contestant in the fields of creativity (Novel, Short Story, Classical Poetry, Colloquial Poetry) should not exceed 35 years.
– The contestant should not have won any prize in the last two competitions organized by the General Organization of Culture Palaces(2017/2018 – 2018/2019).
– The contestant should not have won any prize from any other party for the work submitted to the competition.
– The contestant should not write his name or any personal data on the work submitted to the competition.
– Contestant should review the work submitted by a grammatical, linguistic and spelling mistakes.
– The contestant is not allowed to participate in more than one field of ​​the competition.
– The contestant is not entitled to claim a refund of the work submitted to the competition whether he wins or not.

There are specific conditions to each field of the competition, Check them here.

Opportunity Cost


  • 1st prize is 4000 LE.
  • 2nd prize is 3000 pounds.
  • 3rd prize 2000 pounds.
    * In the all fields.

How to Apply

First Step: Prepare the following:

  • Three hard copies of the works, with a soft copy on CD.
  • Your CV including: date and place of birth, your employer, phone number, e-mail, your published works, place and date of publication, previous awards.
  • Copy of the national number on both sides, with the need to bring the original for review.
  • Recent photo.

Second Step: Apply to the culture branches of the place of residence or work, or to the General Directorate of Public Culture in the Organization at: 16 (a) Amin Sami Street, brides Buildings, Building (B), the 7th floor, Cairo.

Third Step: Submit a form on the application form prepared by the Department and provide a declaration that you have not submitted the work to any other competition, and did not contract it with any publication, and that you bear all the literary and legal consequences if it is proved that the work is taken from others, and sign this declaration in front of the officer whether in the culture branch or the administrative authority.

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