23 May 2019


Geneva, Switzerland

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Make It Bright – Jordon

JT International SA (JTI) believes that positive change is always born from an idea, which is why they’re looking for a new generation of talent with new ideas to light the way to an even brighter future.

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Take the challenge, pitch your bright idea and it could take you on an incredible journey like no other and win you a six month paid global internship at JTI. It’s your chance to expand your skills with coaching from business professionals, to network and to explore different career paths.

The aim of JTI MAKE IT BRIGHT Challenge is:

  • To offer adult students an experience valuable for their future professional development (entrepreneurial skills, creativity skills, etc.).
  • To offer adult students an opportunity to be selected for an internship with JTI and/or its affiliates.

Opportunity Focus Areas:

  • Marketing
  • Sales.
  • Finance.
  • Human Resources.
  • Business.
  • Entrepreneurship.

Required Languages


Eligible Countries


Program Period

A six-month global internship.

  • Game on: Registration opens on 1st April.
  • Team up: Team up with a friend or find a teammate on the platform. Someone with similar values, additional skills.
  • Pitch your idea: Define and submit your bright idea.
  • Create your case: Shortlisted teams will develop and perfect the business case with coaching from JTI.
  • Country finalists chosen: Finalists from each country are chosen to go through to the global final.
  • Prepare your global pitch
  • The global final: Finalists present at JTI’s Headquarters in Geneva over Oct 22nd & 23rd, and a global winner is chosen.
  • 2020 six-month global internship: The global winning team begins its six-month internship.

Eligibility Requirements (Criteria)

  • Applicants must be at least 18 years of age and enrolled in their last two years of studies upon submission of the registration application to the Challenge.
  • Students attending a post-graduate course (e.g. doctorate programme or MBA) cannot participate.
  • Applicants should not yet have acquired more than two years of full time employment. Internships, apprenticeships, summer job experiences and self-employment do not account into full time employment.
  • At any time during the Challenge, Participants cannot be current or past employees, trainees and/or interns of the teams of JTI and/or its affiliates and/or members of their families (e.g. parents, children, spouses). JTI may exceptionally agree to accept applicants who are interns or trainees at JTI depending on the circumstances for example Participants who have been recruited by JTI as a result of the Challenge.
  • Applicants should have a high level of English and shall be able to understand, read, write and communicate in English without difficulties.
  • Applicants should be open to and available for global travel (either short-term or long-term) as may be required during the Challenge.
  • Each team should be composed of two students.
  • No participation fee or purchase is required.
  • Each Team and its deliverables will be evaluated based on the following criteria: innovative, insightful and impactful, all having equal weight.
  • The relevance of the project regarding the business needs, the team spirit, and the general appearance of the deliverables will be taken in consideration.
  • If several Teams have the same score, the final decision will be made by the country jury president for that participating country.

If you want to know more information about the challenge, you can visit this link.

Opportunity Cost

(Paid Opportunity)

Finalists will receive a six-month paid internship and a Mac Book Pro per Participant, and the internship divided as the following:

  • 2 months in JTI headquarters in Geneva.
  • 2 months experiencing real business in one of the country offices.
  • 2 months bringing positive change by participating in the Arise programme.

Note: The deadline to begin the global internship program is June 30, 2020.

Runner-ups: Four runner-up Teams will be awarded with a secondary prize which consists of a training, and an Apple MacBook per Participant.

The travelling expenses (flight tickets and/or train tickets, transfer costs between airport/train station and the hotel or offices, visa application fees) and the hotel accommodation for the global finals will be covered by JTI. JTI will be in charge of the booking at its sole discretion and payment related to the travelling expenses for the global finals.

How to Apply

First Step: For their registration to the Challenge, the Participant must join in to open a user account on the challenge website from here.

Note: To validate their registration, the Participant must accept the Governing Rules and the Privacy Policy. Failure to accept these will prohibit the completion of the official registration forms.

Second Step: A confirmation email containing an activation link is sent to the Participant’s listed email address. Once their account is activated, the Participant must complete further information and may have to provide additional documents on their profile in the account settings.

Third Step: Team up with a friend or find a teammate with similar values, additional skills on the platform.

Fourth Step: Now, you can define and submit your bright idea, then wait for the results.

Fifth Step: The shortlisted teams will be invited to develop their pitch into a business case. The pitch should consist of three-page PDF in 16×9 format, and maximum 30 second long video in MP4 format.

Note: The submission must indicate the functional business areas that the idea looks to solve (e.g. Marketing, Sales, Finance, Human Resources, etc.) and, as applicable, the stage of the concept development (idea stage, prototyping, already patented, already trademarked/design rights obtained or applications pending, start-up).

Note: The business case must be submitted through the Platform and be careful that the deadline for the submission of the business case varies by country but latest by August 31st, 2019 at 18:00h.

Sixth Step: The country jury of each participating country will select one winning Team to continue participation in the global finals, but, at its discretion, has the right to not qualify any Team or to select two winning Teams.

Seventh Step: The global finals will consist of two stages:

  • October 22nd, 2019: Pre-Finals where each Team will deliver an open pitch to JTI employees. Five finalist Teams will be selected based on JTI employees’ vote (50% of the weight) and assessment of the global jury (50% of the weight).
  • October 23rd, 2019: Finals where each of the five finalist Teams has to present their idea in a five minute maximum presentation to the global jury. Afterwards, there will be five minutes of discussion, where the global jury will ask questions related to the idea for the Team to answer. One global winning team will be selected and announced on the same day.

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