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(Partially Funded)


North Africa Cultural Program (NACP) – NATIONAL FUND

The North Africa Cultural Program (NACP) is a three-year program (2019-2022) launched by AFAC and funded by the Swiss Cooperation Office. The program is dedicated to the five countries of North Africa  and comprises two support schemes, a National Fund and a Regional Fund. Together, the two funds aim to strengthen independent arts and culture entities (institutions, collectives, networks, spaces…), encourage regional collaborations, and focus on supporting distribution, circulation and dissemination of artistic works in all fields.

Through an open call scheme, this program provides up to three-year institutional and programmatic support to active arts and culture entities based in each of Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya and Egypt, as well as for transboundary projects that promote joint artistic collaborations, distribution, and the professionalization of arts and culture practices among those five countries and with the rest of the Arab and African regions.

More Details

Grants are directed towards local independent arts and culture entities (institutions, collectives, spaces, networks, social enterprises…) based in one of the five countries of Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya and Egypt. In the case of Libya, those can be operational outside Libya as long as the work is relevant to and benefits the Libyan arts and culture scene.

The grant scheme encourages active entities that have strong inclusive programming within and beyond central cities or those aiming for wider engagement and outreach programs, including those that provide access to youth, and marginalized groups. Alternative structures and emerging initiatives are also encouraged to apply.

The National Fund grant scheme provides funding support to independent small and medium arts and culture entities for:

1) Their main projects and programs, including but not limited to:

  • Residencies.
  • Conferences and seminars.
  • Research, documentation and publications.
  • Digital platforms.
  • Exhibition platforms.
  • Events and festivals.
  • Training.
  • Capacity building for artistic and technical skills. (artists, curators, promotors, technicians…)
  • Re-granting.

2) Their institutional strengthening efforts in any aspect that, after three years, will result in enhanced internal capabilities, including but not limited to:

  • Strategic planning.
  • Fundraising and donor relations.
  • External communications. (website, branding)
  • Audience engagement.
  • Networking and partnerships.
  • Restructuring. (reorganizing the legal, operational, board and team set-up)
  • Learning and evaluation.
  • Professional accompaniment such as consultancies and mentorship; internal capacity building; and equipment that are directly related to the institutional strengthening goals of the applicant.

3) Running and staff costs. (rent, salaries, administrative expenses)

Applicants must include in their budgets fees for an annual audit for the duration of the grant.

Opportunity Focus Areas:

  • Art.
  • Culture.

Required Languages

English,French or Arabic.

Eligible Countries


Program Period

3 Years.

Announcement :20 October 2019.

Eligibility Requirements (Criteria)

Eligible Candidates:

The National Fund grant is open to receive applications from local independent arts and culture entities, including:

  • Organizations.
  • Collectives.
  • Exhibition platforms.
  • Online platforms.
  • Spaces. (with programs having potential wide outreach and connectivity)
  • Networks.
  • Social enterprises whose main field of work is arts and culture.

For this particular program, applicants with an open grant in another AFAC program can apply.

Ineligible Candidates:

AFAC will not consider applications submitted by:

  • Individual applicants.
  • Organizations of less than two years in operation.
  • Members of the Board of Trustees of AFAC, their business partners or family members.
  • AFAC staff members, their business partners or family members.
  • Members of the NACP readers and jurors’ committees.

Opportunity Cost

(Partially Funded)

  • The National Fund provides a total grant between $75.000 and $200.000 per grant, to begin in November 2019 and end by March 2022.


  1. Applicants are encouraged to show other streams of funding. The jury of AFAC reserves the right to determine the amount of the grant and the relevant proposed expenses.
  2. Proposed program activities and institutional strengthening components must be completed within the duration agreed to in the signed contract, during which grantees are expected to submit the necessary financial and narrative reports.

How to Apply

First Step: To apply, please login with you username and password. Once you login, you will be directed to the applications page. In case you don’t have an existing account, please create one here.

Second Step: Supporting Material

  • It is highly recommended to submit supporting material/samples for the project you are applying with.
  • Applications lacking in supporting material will not be considered for evaluation nor will the applicant be contacted to send the missing material.
  • It is mandatory to submit samples of previous works/projects (up to three maximum) unless the project you are applying with is your first work.
  • Supporting files/samples of current submitted project and/or previous work exceeding 10 MB should be included as links to files on sharing websites (such as Dropbox, Vimeo, YouTube…).
  • For further inquiries regarding supporting material, contact AFAC grants management team.
  • For all projects, include a detailed budget.


As soon as the grant winners are announced, AFAC will draft a grant contract to be signed by the grantees. The contract will include start and end dates, grant amount, budget breakdown, financial requirements, payment schedule, general provisions, implementation and amendments, required reports and expected results and outputs.
The grant will be disbursed in instalments. The number of instalments will be decided in accordance with the grant amount and the proposed plan.

For more details, please check Here.

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