1 May 2020





Zero waste Competition 

Kutahya Dumlupınar University Faculty of Fine Arts Visual Communication Design Department Adnan Kahveci Foundation  is designed and supported “Zero Waste” themed competition on environment, which is one of the important problems of the world, under the leadership of these two institutions.

More Details

Competition, about “Zero Waste” to raise awareness and maintain this awareness; “Zero Waste” to remind the individuals what their responsibilities towards the environment are; It includes raising awareness of why we should attach importance to “Zero Waste” to leave a green Earth for future generations.

Opportunity Focus Areas:

  • Poster Design

Required Languages

Turkish or English.

Eligible Countries


Program Period

The projected exhibition date is June 5, 2020.

Eligibility Requirements (Criteria)

  • Competition; amateur in the world except Turkey and first-degree relatives with professional jury members and is open to everyone.
  • The dimensions of the design should be 70X100 cm. Designs with inappropriate dimensions will be considered eliminated.
  • As a result of the competition, achievement awards, honorable mentions and works deemed suitable for exhibition will be exhibited.
  • There is no restriction on color and technique usage in poster works. However, the colors that can be obtained with four-color (CMYK) offset printing technology should never be exceeded.
  • Originals of designs, In CMYK mode, fonts will be converted and saved without compressing at least 300 dpi resolution.
  • There should not be any logo, institution name or sign on the designs.
  • Each artist / designer can participate in the contest with three (3) designs that have not been awarded, exhibited (including social media, youtube etc.) or participated in any contest.
  • If it is determined that the application design has been exhibited and / or participated in any contest, the candidacy / application of the related work will be canceled immediately. In case of determining this issue after winning an award, the candidate will be obliged to return the prize money (with legal interest) and the certificate of achievement / participation.
  • The process of determining this situation is the publication of the top 100 posters ( on the website, the designs are suspended for 5 days, when there is an objection or similarity, the design is removed from the list and replaced. it continues with the announcement of the design that comes after it. For the added design or designs, an objection period of 2 days is given. If there is no objection, the final result is announced If an objection comes for the added designs, the organizing board decides whether this process will continue or not.
  • In the competition, only poster designs to be made on the specified subject will be evaluated.
  • The language of the messages to be used on the designs participating in the contest may be Turkish and one of the local languages of the participants. However, if one of the local languages is used, it must be in English. Otherwise, such designs will be excluded.
  •  A verbal message (title, slogan, etc.) that supports visual design can be used in posters.
  • Sponsor should not be used for poster design, logo or visuals for commercial purposes. In addition, it should not contain political symbols and images that are contrary to human rights and contain sexuality.
  • If the Organizing Committee deems it necessary, it may change the competition schedule or cancel the competition at any stage.
  • All artists / designers who participate in the contest and whose designs are worth exhibiting are deemed to have accepted the provisions of this specification in advance.

Opportunity Cost


  • The Adnan Kahveci Foundation will cover the ceremony, transportation, transfer, accommodation and food expenses for the top three winners .

Distribution of Awards:

  1. 1st prize 10,000 TL and Certificate of Achievement (First Prize)
  2. 2nd prize 5.000 TL and Certificate of Achievement (Second prize)
  3. 3rd prize 3.000 TL and Certificate of Achievement (Third Prize)
  4. 4th prize 1.000 TL and Certificate of Achievement (Jury special prize)
  5. 5th prize 1.000 TL and Certificate of Achievement (Jury special prize)
  6. 6th prize 1.000 TL and Certificate of Achievement (Jury special prize)
  7. 7th prize Organizing Committee Award and Certificate of Achievement.
  8. 8th prize Organizing Committee Award and Certificate of Achievement.
  9. 9th prize Organizing Committee Award and Certificate of Achievement.
  10. 10th prize Organizing Committee Award and Certificate of Achievement.

Note: Award winners, The award will be announced at the award ceremony to be held at the place and date to be decided by the Organizing Committee, and the amount of the award will be deposited into the account of the award winners within 30 days following the award ceremony.

How to Apply

First Step: Please register now on the official website from here.

Second Step: Finish your Poster design before 1 May, 2020.

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